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June 24, 1996 Christmas Truce
Camille lands in the ER after suffering a seizure. Roxanne Hart, John Livingston, Peter Berg.
June 17, 1996 The Ethics of Hope
Austin is stunned by a patient's mysterious death immediately following surgery; Kronk and Nyland discover a makeshift; unlicensed medical clinic for indigent patients; Grad grows attached to a lab animal; and the hospital hires a new lawyer. (Stephen Elliott). Ricky Jackson: Tyrin Turner. Mrs. Harrod: Micole Mercurio. Mr. Harrod: Jordan Charney. Dr. Tsu: James Hong. Austin: Christine Lahti. Grad: Jayne Brook. Nyland: Thomas Gibson. Kronk: Peter Berg. Aaron: Adam Arkin. Watters: Hector Elizondo.
June 10, 1996 Stand
MS patient Joe Springer (Richard Pryor) comes to Shutt for a cure; Austin is interim chief of staff; Sutton decides to exorcise Geiger's ghost.

Aaron looks to another doctor's experimental treatment in hopes of aiding a depressed multiple-sclerosis patient (Richard Pryor, who has MS); a distraught Watters finds solace in a special visitor (Carol Kane); and Sutton looks to free the hospital of Geiger's lingering spirit. Annie: Rain Pryor. Phyllis Larkin: Phyllis Lyons. MRI Technician: Carey Eidel. Aaron: Adam Arkin. Sutton: Jamey Sheridan. Watters: Hector Elizondo. Camille: Roxanne Hart. Grad: Jayne Brook. Hancock: Vondie Curtis-Hall. Austin: Christine Lahti. Kronk: Peter Berg. Nyland: Thomas Gibson.

June 3, 1996 Leave of Absence
Dr. Geiger (Mandy Patinkin) basks in the glory of being named the top cardiothoracic surgeon in the country, until a tragic turn of events involving a fellow hospital staffer puts his heralded surgical skills to the test. Birch: Peter MacNicol. Grad: Jayne Brook. Watters: Hector Elizondo. Hancock: Vondie Curtis-Hall. Austin: Christine Lahti. Aaron: Adam Arkin. Camille: Roxanne Hart. Nyland: Thomas Gibson. Kronk: Peter Berg.
May 27, 1996 From Soup To Nuts
Watters blames Birch after they're ambushed by a state senator during televised health-care hearings; Sutton operates on a pregnant woman's unborn child; and Geiger's institutionalized ex-wife (Kim Greist) remarries. Elena Hayes: Jenny Gago. Rev. Walters: Richard Libertini. Steven Hayes: Jim Metzler. Sen. Thomason: Gailard Sartain. Sen. Winetka: Lillian Lehman. Gilbert: Jeff Parry. Geiger: Mandy Patinkin. Watters: Hector Elizondo. Birch: Peter MacNicol. Sutton: Jamey Sheridan. Austin: Christine Lahti. Hancock: Vondie Curtis-Hall.
May 20, 1996 Last One Out, Get the Lights
(Season finale) Dr. Austin's ex decides to buy the hospital; Nyland begins a risky affair; Grad loses her grant; Camille stands up for the nurses.
May 13, 1996 Ex Marks The Spot
As Austin awaits word on whether she'll be appointed chief of surgery, Sutton is confronted by his three ex-wives (Tamlyn Tomita, Laraine Newman, Julie Cobb). Meanwhile, Shutt performs brain surgery on a rich quadriplegic (Stephen Caffrey) who can't be anesthetized; and Hancock's sister (April Grace) is beaten by her husband. Valerie: Mia Korf. Dr. Larkin: Phyllis Lyons. Tally: Ramsay Midwood. Anesthesiologist: Bert Rosario.
May 6, 1996 Quiet Riot
A dysfunctional family creates chaos in the hospital; Geiger makes rounds with the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit. Sarison: David Schiff. Veronica: Rusty Schwimmer. Luke: Chris D'Elia. Dr. Bronson: Joel Polis. Ricky: Tyrin Turner.
April 29, 1996 The Parent Rap
Dr. Austin summons Geiger to treat her father; Shutt faces his father's death; Sutton delivers a hermaphroditic baby. (see the spoilers for more information on this episode, and the May 6 episode).
April 22, 1996 No Hope This Week
Pre-empted for Picket Fences
April 15, 1996 Who Turned Out the Lights?
A power outage forces simultaneous surgeries on an accident victim; new obstetrician John Sutton (Jamey Sheridan) delivers a baby in the dark.
April 8, 1996 Wild Cards
Shutt's diagnosis agrees with Austin's, not Geiger's; Camille helps Hancock provide on-site medical care to needy inner-city families.
April 1, 1996 No Hope This Week
Pre-empted by NCAA Basketball
March 25, 1996 No Hope this week
Pre-empted by "Special Report: Journey to Mars"
March 18, 1996 Sweet Surrender
A child's kidney transplant fails and Watters suspects abuse; Grad learns about Kronk and Austin; Camille asks Dr. Hancock on a date; Austin's custody battle heats up.
March 11, 1996 Sexual Perversity In Chicago
A physician turns up with a knife in his back; a honeymooner fears sex will cause another heart attack; Kronk and Grad discover each other; Shutt fends off unwanted advances.
March 4, 1996 Every Day a Little Death
A skinhead needing a heart transplant refuses one from a black murder victim; Kronk's apartment building burns.
February 26, 1996 Life Lines
Kronk sues Austin for sexual harassment; Shutt performs a lobotomy; manic depression overcomes Konstadt.
    Interesting points: The doctor paged when Kronk and Nyland are talking to Mr. Jackson is Michael Dinner, the former co-executive producer of CH. Also, the names of the doctors on the whiteboard (for surgery) are all guys related to the show
February 19, 1996
No Hope this week. Pre-empted for a David Letterman special.
February 12, 1996 Women On The Verge
An old friend (Mia Sara) of Kronk's seeks his advice on a health problem she thinks resulted from her sex-change operation; Austin treats a teen with a heart condition; Konstadt (Kathy Najimy), off her meds, behaves injudiciously.
    Interesting points: The young boy whom Austin kisses is from Chappaqua, NY which is also where Roxanne Hart, Adam Arkin, and Peter Berg spent time growing up. The award Austin wins (The Cushing Left Anterior Award) was also used in St. Elsewhere, and some of the theme music was also used.
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