Update for "Last One Out, Get the Lights"

   OK, here it is... the update for the Season Two finale:  "Last One
Out, Get the Lights."
   I did miss the first couple of minutes, because I accidentally taped
the wrong channel, but I really don't think I missed much.  Let me know
if I did, and I'll fix it.  There was A LOT going on, so I'm going to
do this plot by plot instead of chronologically, because I think it'll
make more sense, especially to those of us who haven't seen it.  So...
here goes!  :)


This is the part I missed...I'll fill in as best I can...
Tommy Wilmette, Kate Austin's ex-husband and Sarah's father, has
returned.  At the time I tuned in, Kate called Tommy an ass, and he
left.  I can only assume that she found out he was trying to buy the
hospital, and they probably arugued about Sarah as well.  Tommy
continues to inspect the hospital, and soon encounters a major, though
out-of-the-ordinary, emergency in the ER.  According to Dr. Kronk,
a man came in overdosing on PCP.  Billy tried to help, but the next
thing he knew, ER nurses were dropping like flies.  Aaron is attending
to one nurse, who is hemmorhaging severely.  Phillip tries to find the
source of the problem; the Ebola virus is mentioned but is quickly
ruled out.  Wilmette worries about bad press, but Phillip cannot come
up with a definite answer.  Billy gets trapped, and still knowing
nothing, is forced to talk to the press.  "You should have been
prepared," Wilmette says to Phillip.  Later, as men in bubble suits
(some similiar to the ones that blinded Alan Birch) clean out the ER,
Kate finds Phillip waiting outside, exhausted.  She asks about Ebola
again, but Phillip states that still, nothing definite is known.
A guy in a bubble suit comes out and says that the bodies of those who
have died are being removed, that tissue samples are being taken, and
that as soon as the ER is cleaned, it can be reopened.  Apparently, the
worst of the crisis is over.  Phillip complains to Kate about Wilmette's
attitude about the press.  They both get the same idea, and appeal to
Aaron to try to convince Jack Calverton (a man he operated on who is
able to walk as a result) to buy the hospital instead of Wilmette.
"That's a terrible idea!"  Aaron declares.  He explains that he doesn't
want it to look like he thinks Calverton owes him or the hospital
   Later, as Phillip and Camille check on the only ER nurse who has
not recovered from the earlier ordeal, Wilmette enters, checking on the
situation, and asks how the nurse is doing.  "Do you care?"  Camille
asks him in frustration.  Phillip admits to the possiblity of leukemia.
Tommy begins to worry, remembering someone he knew who had died of
cancer, and his previous experience with hospitals.  "I never could
stand the smell in these places," he states.  "We'll have to do
something about that."
   At a press conference about the ER problem, the Ebola virus is
officially ruled out as a cause.  Someone brings up the point that it
was only nurses who were affected, and wonders briefly about hysteria.
Camille is offended, and when Phillip won't allow her to speak in their
defense (stating that a press conference is not the place), she walks
out.  Arguing about the problem, its cause, and its solution continues.
Wilmette turns to Phillip.  "This is not good for the hospital."
   After the press conference, Tommy and Kate continue to argue about
Sarah and the hospital.  After a brief threatening match, Tommy says,
"Kate, this is business."
   "And you only have one agenda." she replies vehemently.
   "Making money."
   "Making me pay."
Wilmette seems to agree, and states that if he does get the hospital,
and the means, he will see that she is fired.
  Meanwhile, Aaron encounters Phillip closing off a floor of the
hospital, and expanding other wards in order to get a "leaner, meaner
Chicago Hope."  Aaron doesn't understand, and Phillip tells him that
if they can cut costs, they won't have to sell the hospital.
   Aaron and Kate also begin arguing about forming an HMO.  It
escalates, and ends up in Watters' office, where it gets louder and
louder, and gets nowhere.  Wilmette knocks on the door, but the
no one hears him, so he slams it open.  Everyone stops arguing at once.
"Bad time?"  Wilmette asks.  After explaining his treatment of the door,
he states that he is able to make an offer for the hospital.
   Later, Kate again tries to convince Tommy not to buy the hospital.
She threatens him with blackmail, saying that she knows he has had some
unethical business practices, and stating that she will expose him.
However, Wilmette is not disturbed, because he has found the Kelly
clamp X-ray, legally, and threatens retaliation with it.  (For those
who don't know, Kate left a Kelly clamp in a patient while operating,
and it killed her.  She was cleared of the mistake only because she
never told the girl's parents.)  Tommy leaves; Kate cries.
   Tommy gets on the elevator after leaving Kate's office, and
encounters Aaron.  They discuss the sale of the hospital, and begin to
argue, and it soon becomes apparent that either Aaron is as good at
arguing as Tommy, or they see eye to eye.  When they finally get off the
elevator, Tommy wonders where the cafeteria is, and Aaron says that the
food there isn't that great, and suggests that Tommy try Salvatore's.
He asks Aaron to join him, and Aaron agrees, asking as he gets back on
the elevator, "You seem like a pretty smart guy...how'd you end up
marrying Kate Austin?"
   Back in Phillip's office, Camille recalls the ER disaster, and the
resulting press conference where hysteria was stated as the cause,
and gives her notice, stating that she can no longer work in a place
where there is so huge a lack of respect.
   Meahwhile, Kate Austin leaves her office, picking up plane tickets
from her secretary, and saying that she will pick Sarah up at school and
surprise her.  The secretary asks about passports, which Austin says she
has.  And, "if anyone asks," she says, "you have no idea where I am."


As the scene opens, Dr. Nyland's voice can be heard explaining to
Valerie Farr (sp?) about the side effects of her fiance's (Jack
Calverton's) sugery, and the drugs he will be taking as a result.  As
he gets to "impotence," we can see that they are in bed!!  They discuss
Calverton awhile longer, and Danny asks Valerie if she is still
planning to marry him or not.  "I haven't told him anything yet," she
says.  Danny looks worried and a little hurt, but she, um, reassures
   Later, Danny and Billy are in the ER, arguing because Danny won't
share his breakfast.  Finding this a losing battle, Billy begins
bothering Danny about Valerie, reminding Danny that he had advised him
to dump her because it could only mean ethical trouble for him, and
besides which, Valerie was engaged.  "The woman is bailing on her sick
fiance!"  Billy states when Danny still won't listen.  Danny still
doesn't care.
   Meanwhile, Valerie Farr is on her way to visit Jack Calverton.
When she arrives at his room, she finds him able to get up, with Dr.
Shutt's help.  "You're walking!"  she exclaims in amazement.  Dr.
Shutt explains that with physical therapy, Calverton can expect a
60 percent recovery, leaving Miss Farr with a lot to think about.
   Back in the ER, Billy is talking to Danny about Dr. Grad when
Danny's beeper goes off.  He checks the number.  "Oh, no..." he sighs.
"Bad news?" Billy asks.  When we next see Danny, he is in Calverton's
   I'd like you to look at my eyes," he says.  "I think I might be
seeing things."  Danny tries to beg off, saying that Calverton
should see an eye doctor, but he insists.  Nyland tells Calverton
that his eyes are fine.  They begin to discuss Valerie.  "I'll have to
introduce you to her," Calverton says.  "I think you'd like her."
"I know I would," Danny says.
   Later, Valerie discusses Calverton with Dr. Shutt.  He begins to tell
her about the side effects of the drugs he'll be on, but she stops him,
saying that Dr. Nyland has already told her.  "Oh, he has?"  Shut asks
with suspicion.  He then explains to Valerie that it is common in
relationships with one ill partner, for the healthy one to pull away,
though "not for any lack of love."  "Is that what you think I'm doing
with Jack?"  Valerie asks him.  Shutt admits that it is.  She takes a
seat on his desk rather seductively and asks Aaron if he thinks she is
sexy.  Aaron is surprised, and she goes on to explain that basically,
she can take care of herself, and she just needs someone to pay
attention to her.
   Then, since Aaron refused to try to convince Calverton to buy the
hospital, Austin herself decides to give it a try.  She explains that
she is asking for her own personal benefit, rather than as a favor to
the whole hospital.  Calverton states that he will buy the hospital
on one condition.  When Austin asks what that might be, he responds,
"Fire Daniel Nyland."  Austin takes the idea to Phillip, who won't
do it, saying that it is unethical.  However, since the relationship
is not quite fair to Calverton, he decides to speak with Danny.
   Camille is gone, having given her notice.  Phillip sighs and puts
a hand over his eyes in frustration and disappointment.  Suddendly,
the door to his office opens, and Danny looks in.  "You wanted to
see me?"
   Later, Danny and Valerie are leaving the hospital, about to go on a
weekend retreat.  (Valerie had told Calverton she had to visit a
friend.)  Valerie asks about the meeting with Phillip, but Danny is
evasive, until she finally demands to know.  He tells her that
he has been told that he could be fired if he continues to see her.
But, "screw him," he says about Watters.  He kisses Valerie, and they


Diane finds Billy in her office waiting for her, and bored.  The only
thing he has found to do is look at her mail.  She reprimands him,
but he has a question.  "Who's Jake [Luft?]?" he asks.  (For those of
you who don't remember, Jake is an old boyfriend of Diane's, who
came to visit her about the time Alan Birch took an interest in her.
She ran off with him, leaving Alan standing there with the cutest
bouquet of wilting flowers, poor guy.  I still think he stood her up.)
Diane admits that he is an old boyfriend, and has asked her to go to
Africa with him to do research, but reassures Billy that she isn't
planning to go.  He asks if she wants to go out that night, but she
puts him off, saying that she has too much work to do.
   Later, Diane finds Billy and shoves a letter in his face, saying
frantically, "Read this!"  Billy jokes about how he isn't supposed to
do that anymore, but she insists.  He reads the letter, which says that
she may lose her grant because the results of her research are unclear.
She frantically begins looking for Dr. Watters.  Billy manages to
calm her down for a second, asking, "How can I help?"  She babbles
something hysterical about redoing two years of research, so Billy
agrees with her:  "Find Watters."
   Diane does find Watters, but he offers little reassurance.
Billy tells her that he has a friend who might be willing to look at
her research, but she is too upset.  "Watters says if they pull my
grant I'm losing the lab."  Billy puts his arms around her and kisses
her, but she's really too upset to notice.
   Later, she finds Billy in the ER.  "I'm leaving," she announces.
"OK, see you tonight," he answers, barely looking up.  "No, Billy, I
mean it, I'm leaving!"  He turns, and quickly figures out she means
leaving for good.  They go somewhere else to talk, and she tells him
where.  "To *Africa* with Jake Luft?" he asks incredulously.  She
says only to do research, and asks, "Aren't you going to kiss me
goodbye?"  He does, a peck on the cheek.  She is disappointed, but
when asked by Billy what she wanted him to say, she says, "I don't
know, maybe that you'll miss me?  And that our relationship is strong
enough to survive our being apart?"  Billy says he doesn't know that it
is, and asks if she does.  She says it is.  "Well, maybe you're just a
better person than I am," he replies, "or maybe just a better liar."
He goes back out into the ER, but is unable to concentrate on what he
is doing.  He starts to leave.  "I'll be right back," he tells the
nurse.  "Maybe."  He is next seen rushing through the airport.


Dr. Hancock's sister has been brought to the hospital because she has
been so badly beaten by her husband.  Camille is visiting, trying to
convince her to go to the police.  She refuses, but does say that as
far as she is concerned, the relationship is over.  Hancock comes in,
and he and Camille exchange words (but I'm not sure which ones, because
someone came in my room looking for my stupid roommate who wasn't
   Later, the husband has come to visit. Hancock tries to get him
to leave, and he does, but bumps Hancock rather hard (on purpose) on
the way out.  This almost escalates into a fight, which is stopped by
a yell from Camille.  "Watch your back," Hancock is told as the
husband leaves.
   After the disastrous press conference, when Camille felt that her
dignity was insulted, Hancock tells her that he agrees with her, and
doesn't think that the nurses' health problems resulted from hysteria.
"You're the only one who understands, Dennis," Camille tells him
gratefully.  Hancock then tells her that his sister has told  her
husband to leave, and then apologizes to her for the harsh way he
treated her the first time she tried to help his sister, and then asks
if she wants to do something after work!!  Camille accepts.  She waits
until Dennis leaves, and then this HUGE grin lights up her face.
   However, happiness isn't quite so easily found.  As Hancock is
unlocking his car door, he forgets to "watch his back."  He hears
a noise behind him, and as he turns, he sees his sister's husband with
a gun.  He is shot, and falls to the ground.  Later, Camille walks out
to her car, but not seeing Dennis, drives off.


Aaron and Phillip are going into the board meeting at which Tommy
Wilmette will make his offer for the hospital.  Aaron tells Phillip
that his father, when leaving a place he wanted to return to, would
always flip a coin for good luck.  Aaron turns and flips a quarter,
and the sound of it spinning echoes through the dark and empty hallways.


1.  I must say that I was very glad to see Ron Silver again.  I think
he has lost weight, and he looks quite good.  :)

2.  Well, all right, maybe Danny's situation isn't quite ethical, but
he sure does have it BAD.  I just want to give him a great big hug.

3.  What's with this Homewrecker Jake guy?  Billy doesn't deserve this,
and neither did Alan.  However, it was a good example of keeping up
with the plot.

4.  Is it just me, or does Tommy Wilmette seem like he's everywhere at
one time?

5.  I love whatever it is between Tommy and Aaron now.  I love it!!
I don't know why.  Maybe (don't kill me!!) it has something to do
with Tommy being so reminiscent of Jeffrey.  (Think about it, it's

6.  I'm sorry, but I just plain like Danny better than Jack Calverton.
BTW, for those of you who think Calverton is easy to type, it's NOT.
And I have to say, as much as I admire Valerie's choice, I don't
trust her any farther than I can throw her.

7.  POOR BILLY!!!  Did you see that face!?  Somebody reassure me--
Peter Berg *is* coming back next season, right?

8.  I don't know if we exactly have a line of the week, but my
favorite part was right after Dennis asked Camille out--she was really
still for just a second, and then there was this HUGE grin!  I think
that was the only time I have ever seen a smile on Camille that didn't
look sad!!  You go, girl!

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