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Many people (including so called "friends", and even family) have asked: "Steen, when are the lies going to end?" They were referring to my incessant but unfulfilled promises of major revisions to this page, and the fact that I continued to claim I was a senior in Mathematical and Computational Sciences, although no longer so. In an effort to address my shortcomings, I refuse to make any further promise of changing the page, and any changes will appear unannounced. Additionally, my bio information has now been revised, as of 1-11-96, and only reflects biographical information on and recently around that date.

I was previously a senior in Mathematical and Computational Science, but am currently completing my coterm in Computer Science, with a concentration in Human Computer Interaction. I was a section leader for the CS106s for 9 quarters -- although I'm currently doing CS1I. I hail from Lafayette, which is right across the bay (although I did live for 11 years in Australia (anthem) -- true story!). Being from the Bay Area, I of course support the:
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San Francisco 49ers (Go Steve!).

Here are quotes from some of my favorite TV shows (I'm a junkie):
These quotes were taken from random FAQs/Quote Lists off the net.

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