Spoilers for Upcoming Episodes

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Monday April 29
Chicago Hope sees the return of Dr. Jeffrey Geiger (guest star Mandy Patinkin). Dr. Austin's father, in desperate need of a bypass operation, refuses treatment because he is a Christian Scientist. Austin, disregarding her father's wishes, asks Geiger to operate, but he won't override Mr. Austin's beliefs. Also, Aaron Shutt faces the pain of his dysfunctional relationship with Geiger and with his own father when he learns of his father's death. And Dr. Sutton delivers a baby with ambiguous genitalia, a condition that the horrified parents cannot accept.
Monday May 6
In a special episode written by Peter Berg (Hope's Dr. Billy Kronk). an extremely dysfunctional family is brought into the emergency room and, through a series of violent mishaps, creates complete chaos within the hospital. Dr. Jeffrey Geiger continues his rounds with the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit. Mandy Patinkin guest stars.

Spoilers for Season Finale

In, next week's TV guide, it says that Austin is trying to decide whether or not she should sacrifice her career in order to see her child again. Also, Dr. Grad goes to Africa and Kronk follows her.


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