Dr. Aaron Shutt (Adam Arkin)

Character description:

Dr. Aaron Shutt is the head neurosurgeon. He divorced, then remarried Camille Duschene Shutt. He is Geiger's best friend, and a dedicated healer.



19 August, 1957 (New York, NY)


Is (amicably) separated from his yoga instructor wife, and has one daughter, Molly. Currently seeing actress Phyllis Lyons.

Previous Roles


Best Lines:

"I didn't mean half the crap I said...and punching Nyland...well, that I meant..." -- Aaron to Camille

"You say you see omelettes in Phillip's beard...that's constructive?" -- Shutt to Geiger

"You're in no position to call my ass puffy." Thurmond to Aldrich, "Shutt Down."(Contributed by Stephanie Souders)

"Yes, but even so, I tell all my patients no trapeze flying for atleast 48 hours. Superstition." Shutt to Mr. Traveli, "With the Greatest of Ease."(Contributed by Stephanie Souders)

"You're big mouth is what got you into this, so do you think you can keep it closed?" Birch to Geiger
"I don't know, lemme try. Oops, seems I can't." Geiger to Birch, "With the Greatest of Ease"(Contributed by Stephanie Souders)

"You come near me with your bloated psyco-babble and I will take your head off, alright?"Shutt to Kadalski, "Shutt Down"(Contributed by Stephanie Souders)

"Do you think I'm walking a plank with Dr. Geiger?"Winslow to Shutt
"With Jeffery? There is no plank. It's just a straight drop." Shutt to Winslow
"I thought he was a great guy." Winslow to Shutt
"Oh, he is. He'll tell ya." Shutt to Winslow, "With the Greatest of Ease"(Contributed by Stephanie Souders)

"Listen, Marcus, you didn't miss anything. The girrafe was dead. So you're better off with that silly hippo. 'cept you know what killed the girrafe? Lyme Disease. Yeah, from an ugly tick, all fat and grey, bloated with the girrafe's blood. It's waddlin' towards your hippo right now. I hate ticks. This one's gettin' closer and closer, big fat, fat tick. It's headin' for your hippo. So do me a favor and stop that tick, step on that tick, splatter it all over the ground, step on that tick. ("I can't") Step on that tick, squish it's guts, GRIND it into the pavement..." Geiger to Marcus, "Shutt Down"(Contributed by Stephanie Souders)

"Listen, if you're going to snap, Aaron.." Phillip to Shutt "Oh, no! God FORBID I should SNAP, Phillip, I wouldn't DARE snap. I mean, I've got bullets whizzin' by my head in the ER, I gotta operate on the shooter, patients are dyin' on me, but I won't snap. God forbid should snap. That could make me human. God forbid any doctor be human in Chicago Hope." Shutt to Phillip, "Shutt Down"(Contributed by Stephanie Souders)

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