Dr. Jeffrey Geiger (Mandy Patinkin)

Character description:

Geiger is the head cardiothoracic surgeon at Chicago Hope. He was previously married to Laurie Geiger, his institutionalized wife. Since her request for a divorce, he has been seeing Dr. Infante. He is brilliant, but can antagonize people with his blunt manner. Now that he is happy, has he lost his edge?



30 November, 1952 (Chicago, IL)


June 15, 1980 to Kathryn Grody an actress/writer. They have two sons, Isaac, and Gideon.

Previous Roles


Mandy is short for Mandel

Mandy attended the University of Kansas (Lawrence KS) briefly from 1970-1972, and also studied drama at Juilliard.

Mandy Patinkin has spawned his own usenet fan group: alt.tv.mandy-patinkin

He recently played the voice of Lisa's fantasy fiancee on "The Simpsons."

He has a slew of albums:

More information on Mandy's recordings, stage information, and touring schedule can be found at The Mandy Patinkin Experiment.

His new album (now out) is entitled "Oscar and Steve" for Oscar Hammerstein, and Stephen Sondheim.

He won a Tony for "Outstanding Performance by a Featured Actor in a Broadway Musical" while playing in "Evita" in 1979.

Owns a 7-month-old black Labrador puppy named "Taz."

Noah Wyle of "ER" fame is the godson of his wife Kathryn Grody

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Mandy will be performing the following concerts:

More concert information can be found at Ticketmaster, and also at Atlantic Records.

Best Lines:

"I timed that. It took 22 seconds for him to hate you -- it must be a new record!" -- Watters
"It's not a record" -- Geiger

"Well here's an extremely radical thought...shouldn't the issue be what the patient has to gain?" -- Geiger

"I put out a memo regarding coarse humor in public areas...maybe you didn't get it?" -- Birch
"Yes, but I'd run out of toilet paper, I had to put your memo to emergency use...Sharing that here was probably a violation of your directive wasn't it? Sorry, I'm chagrined, let's wipe the slate clean...you got another memo handy?" -- Geiger

"Please get out of my eyeline...I'll ask you once more nicely, please get out of my eyeline..." <Fakes left, escapes> -- Geiger

"Sorry I'm late." -- Kronk
"Well, in truth, we were enjoying your absence." -- Geiger

"You're a wacko!" -- to a woman with Munchhausen Syndrome

"Don't make me say 'please', Aaron...you know how much I loathe that word." -- Geiger

"Am I the only one in this hospital not having sex?" -- Geiger

"Laurie had a bad week. She bit someone." -- Laurie's doctor
"So did I." -- Geiger (Contributed by Adam Miller)

"You slut!" -- Geiger to Camille, after discovering of her relationship with Nyland

"You pig!" -- Camille to Nyland, after discovering of his relationship with Nurse Atkison
"Busy pig!" -- Geiger to Camille

"She's gonna fake to left, go back up the middle. I saw this on a PBS special. That's not friendly body language. See those little specks of spit coming out of her mouth? That's hostility." -- Geiger to Thurmond, observing Camille and Aaron arguing

"Complaint #1: There isn't a single resident in this place with any stones. They're all obsequious cowering little sycophants who'd rather suction my drool with their tongues than stand up to me. 'kay, your turn now." --Geiger to Nyland

"First, let me say how sorry I am for you people. What with the homeless, and the stuff happening in Bosnia, and even the patients I see every day, I lost sight of the true victims in society, which happen to be you." -- Geiger to everyone

"Well then, Jeffrey, why don't you just go to hell?" -- Infante
"Well, I've been, they sent me back." -- Geiger

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