Dr. William (Billy) Kronk (Peter Berg)

Character description:

Dr. Kronk appeared on Chicago Hope as a hockey player who saves another hockey player's life. He is very much a typical "macho" guy, who doesn't necessarily want to fit in with the other doctors at Chicago Hope. Recently, his girlfriend turned out to be an old male friend from junior high, enhancements thanks to Dr. Infante. Kronk couldn't escape his homophobia, and ended the relationship. He is apparently old friends with both Dr. Dennis Hancock and Dr. Infante



~1964, (Chappaqua, NY)


Is married.

Previous Roles

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Best Lines:

"I'm a doctor! How could I not know?" about his sex-changed girlfriend with whom he has slept

"Sonofabitch reminds me of me!" about the guy who's leg he amputated, and who just punched him out

"Not respect!" of Geiger about Birch

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