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Bethany Jones A.K.A Tha Young 1


At the tender age of 3 Bethany was abandoned by all of her preschool friends due to her love of cake. Well, it wasn't just her love of cake, but also the fact that cake gave her gas. Shown here, little Bethany sits alone at her birthday party wondering, "Is life worth living?" It was then that little Bethany turned to computer graphics as a form of escape from the harsh realities of this world. Now a mature 5 year old, Bethany is committing her life to providing the best game logic any Pacman game has ever seen. She is the brains behind PacMania. Because of her the ghosts move with intelligence. They know how to find Pacman when he's weak, and the know how to avoid him when he's invincible. She also implemented the most advanced collision detection known to man.


Ahmed Murad Akhter A.K.A Murad


When it comes to computer graphics, Murad is a natural. Actually, as you can see, Murad IS a computer graphic. He comes from a long line of computer graphics. As a computer graphic, Murad needs no sleep. This made it easy for him to tackle some of the more challenging aspects of this project. Besides implementing the layout of the board and pellets, Murad is the reason that the game has multiple levels and the wonderful entertainment between the levels, both a 2D and 3D view, a score, functionality to keep track of how many lives Pacman has remaining, and a menu.


Christian Harris A.K.A OutOfSync


All he wanted was to be in a boy band. After being replaced by "that blonde haired freak" as the lead singer of the pop sensation, N'Sync, Chris needed something to take his mind off of the pain. Computer graphics was the logical answer. Chris is bound and determined to regain the fame that was so viciously stolen from him by that freak. Seen in this picture at the height of his success, performing aboard a cruise ship in the San Francisco Bay, Christian is all-smiles no more. He now sits alone in an abandoned warehouse practicing his dance moves and designing some of the most horrific video game creatures ever to grace a computer screen. It was in this abandoned warehouse that he came up with the design for PacManiac. When asked about his inspiration for the design of PacManiac, he mumbled, "I modeled him after that freak from N'Sync." He also created the ghosts you see floating around the board and a game intro which he feels should win him an Academy Award. Chris is most proud, however, of his maintenance of this website as well as the pause functionality he added to the game which allowed BMC Production Studios, Inc.™ to take the stills of PacManiac that you see on the website so that, in his own words, "...the world can see what Mr. Timberlake looks like without all that makeup. They should have chosen me, I'm much prettier..."




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