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Setup and Build Instructions

Since the game is written in C++, it is HIGHLY platform dependent!

Platform: Solaris 2.7 (one of the Fables, Elaines or Epics). This is the only platform the game is guaranteed to work on. Other users (i.e. Windows or Mac people, etc.) feel free to download the source code and tweak whatever you need to get it working on your specific platform (note: if you do decide to play with the code, beware--*code is sparsely commented*--we have finals to prepare for =).

After downloading the file, you must unzip and untar it. To unzip the file type:

gunzip pacmania.tar.gz

at the command line. Then you must untar the file using:

tar xvf pacmania.tar

Now the game is ready to go! Execuatables are included so you may then type:

pacmania (or ./pacmania if your current directory is not in your path)

If you ever need to recompile the code you may use the makefile that has been included. Type 'make clean' to remove the executables and then 'make' to recompile.

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