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  • Friday Coffee House Hang: Come to our CoHo hangout lunches this quarter, the first and third Friday of each month: 11/15, 12/6, 12/20. Bring or buy your lunch, drinks are on us -- meet other undergrad and grad women in CS (as well as EE, Sym Sys, and related fields).
  • This fall, we look forward to continuing the mentor program and holding some workshops such as job/internship search and interview techniques. Got an idea or an event you feel would be cool? E-mail Lilly Irani or catch a WICS board member in person.

Past events:

  • CS Interview/Job Hunting Workshop: Thu. 10/17, 7:30 - 9:00 pm Gates 104. Come find out types of questions often asked in CS interviews and how to handle them. Mingle in small groups where you can run practice interviews and work with other WICS women.
  • Friday, Sept. 27th, 2002, at noon on Gates AT&T Patio - The WICS Kickoff lunch! We'll provide snacks and sandwiches. New to WICS or took part last year? Come, hang out, relax, and meet your friends, or those girls you always see across the lecture hall. RSVP to Lilly Irani so she has an idea of how much food to get, but if you don't RSVP, come anyways!
  • Jane Margolis and Allan Fisher, authors of "Unlocking the Clubhouse," an amazing book on women's experiences as CS majors at Carnegie Mellon, will be speaking at Kresge this Wednesday, May 1st, at 4 pm. They'll be talking about factors they found to influence women's decisions to stay with or leave the major. Their stories and insights will trigger recognition in anyone who's seen CS/Engineering culture, either first hand or through friends.
  • We had our first meeting for anyone interested in participating in WICS first year -- mentors, mentees, speaker series audiences, and everyone else. People brought their ideas for what you'd like to see in the organization, and have lunch! Gates 104, April 22nd 12:15 - 1 pm!
  • Mentees signed up and 37 women came to our kickoff event on Saturday, April 13th! Ice cream, sunshine, and conversation was had by hall. Check back soon for our next event and contact information!
  • Mentee signups go until Thursday, 4/11/02! Sign up now!
  • The WICS Lecture series, highlighting the experiences, stories, and advice of women in Computer Science, working in fields ranging from AI to privacy law, kicks off April 10, 2002 with a talk by Databases Professor Jennifer Widom, of Stanford. Check out the whole series!
  • Mentor signups go until this Friday, 3/8/02! Sign up now! :)
  • Are you interested in computer science? Do you want to be part of a community of interesting, fun, smart women who, among other things, are interested in computer science? Check back soon for signups!