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Innovative Women: Women in Computer Science

WICS is hosting a Speaker Series during the Spring 2002 Quarter. It is scheduled for every Wed, 5-7PM, in Gates 104.

Our guest speakers, women practicing in a broad range of fields but who share a background in CS, will share their experiences with us, such as:  how they became interested in CS; how they decided on their areas of interest; their experiences as women in computer science; and how they are applying their CS background today.

It will be a very informal setting with friendly discussion and food to follow.   All are welcome!

April 10 Jennifer Widom - Stanford Professor specializing in databases
April 17 Julie Zelenski - Stanford lecturer (gatekeeper to the CS major) and Apple engineer
April 24 Arati Prabhakar - venture partner at U.S. Venture Partners in Menlo Park, California; former Director of National Institute of Standards and Technology
May 1 Jane Margolis and Allen Fisher, authors of Unlocking the Clubhouse: Women in Computer Science, in conjunction with the Program in Symbolic Systems. Kresge at 4 pm. "Unlocking" tells the story of CS majors (both male and female) at Carnegie Mellon and how they increased enrollment and retention more than four-fold. Their stories and insights will trigger recognition in anyone who has seen CS/Engineering culture, either first hand or through friends.
May 8 Barbara Simons - former president of the ACM, founder and co-chair of ACM's U.S. Public Policy Committee, and co-founder of the U.C. Berkeley Computer Science Department Reentry Program for Women and Minorities
May 15 Mary Baker - Stanford professor, specializing in distributed systems, wireless networking, and mobile computing.
May 22 Ellen Spertus - Professor at Mills College, with interests in Information retrieval, the Internet, social issues, computer architecture, compilers; 2001's "Sexiest Geek Alive"
May 29 Monica Lam - Stanford Professor researching in compilers, programming languages, and computer architecture
June 5 Teri Perl - Co-founder, The Learning Company, Palo Alto, CA