Oxford Mercer

by Soren Johnson

Feel free to download my simulation of shopkeeping life in early modern Oxford... Share it with your friends!

For PowerPC Mac's:
Oxford Mercer(PPC) (.hqx) File is 852k unstuffed.
Oxford Mercer - Cheat Mode(PPC) (.hqx) File is 852k unstuffed.

For 68K Mac's:
Oxford Mercer(68K) (.hqx) File is 704k unstuffed.
Oxford Mercer - Cheat Mode(68K) (.hqx) File is 704k unstuffed.

Stuffit Expander is needed to unstuff the files.

note: Oxford Mercer is Mac-compatible. A PC version is conceivable but no concrete plans exist at the moment... check back in the distant future.

email questions, comments, or bugs to

Part of my project was an honors thesis completed in Stanford's history department (under Prof. Paul Seaver and Prof. Carolyn Lougee). The whole thesis, which describes the inner workings of the simulation and some instructions concerning its operations, is available here for Windows and Macintosh in Microsoft Word format (4.8 MB). (An Oxford Mercer's Life) An older version in Microsoft Word 5.1 for Macintosh (1.3 MB) is also available. (Oxford_Thesis)

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