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Check out my adaptive turn-based strategy game (entitled Advanced Protection) which dynamically switches between genetically-evolved strategies to match the user's playing style.

Check out my History honors thesis/Computer Science senior project (entitled Oxford Mercer) on the lives of Oxford shopkeepers in the 17th and 18th centuries.

I also built a 3-D, multiplayer version of the TRON light-cycles game (entitled GridRunner), which was a finalist in the CS 248 Video game Competition.

I worked as a programmer on EA Sport's Knockout Kings 2000 for Sony Playstation. I did instant replay, round scoring, and some of the AI. Most notably, when the computer kicks you in the groin, that is my code.

I am currently working at Firaxis Games as a designer/programmer. More specifically, I co-designed Civilization III while writing most of the game code and all of the AI. I was then given the opportunity to be the lead designer on Civilization IV while still writing the game and AI code. (Actually, in my mind, designing is easier if you are able to do the programming as well.)

I also recently contributed two articles to the book AI Game Programming Wisdom 2. One article details the unique challenges of writing a turn-based AI, using Civ III as an example. The second article describes how genetic algorithms can lead to adaptive AI, based on my experience with Advanced Protection.

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