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October 7, 1996 Liver Let Die
Watters performs experimental surgery on a comatose mother of three; Austin awaits reinstatement.
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Weekly, Sundays 6 p.m., WGN Savannah
Robyn Lively (Maggie Atkisson) is one of the three lead women in Aaron Spelling's latest foray into the soap opera realm.


The Great White Hype In theaters May 3, 1996
Peter Berg stars as The Great White Hype
Last Dance In theaters May 3, 1996
Although technically haven't seen the Jayne Brook in the credits, she was supposedly working on this movie during the hiatus.
Girl 6 In theaters March 22, 1996
Peter Berg plays in this Spike Lee movie along with Quentin Tarantino, Madonna, Halle Berry, and Naomi Campbell
Ed In theaters March 15, 1996
Jayne Brook in this movie, along with Matt LeBlanc (Friends), and a chimp named Ed.
Homeward Bound II: Lost In San Francisco In theaters March 8, 1996
Kim Greist (Laurie) stars with Robert Hayes, and two dogs and a cat.
Broken Arrow In theaters February 9, 1996
Vondie Curtis-Hall (Hancock) has a small part as a good guy -- Lt. Colonel Sam Rhodes.

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