The Chicago Hope Drinking Game

As compiled by numerous Chicago Hope fans

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The Unofficial Chicago Hope Drinking Game
Version 1.1, April 3, 1995

The Chicago Hope Drinking Game was compiled by Beverly Blackwell ( from numerous entries submitted by fellow fans on the Chicago Hope mailing list, the Usenet newsgroup, AOL TV Gossip Board and AOL chat lines, including:

Other suggestions are welcome.

THIS IS A GAME. Actually, this is an exhibition, not a competition. If you are drinking alcoholic beverages, do not drive, wash dishes, or perform experimental surgery. And please, as always, no wagering.

HOW TO PLAY: You and your fellow Toads (or anyone else in sight) should meet in front of a TV (be sure to turn it on), with your drinks (alcoholic or not) within easy reach. While watching Chicago Hope, when any of the following events occurs, drink as much or as little as set out in the following instructions (those of us who don't drink alcohol may substitute any other liquid beverage, as long as it eventually results in some type of physical discomfort). If you have any question as to whether or not to drink, or how much to drink, in any given circumstance, always err on the side of drinking. After all, too much is just about right.

Take a sip when ....

Take a gulp when .... Chug your entire drink when .... Drink everything in sight when ....
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