Dr. Kathryn (Kate) Austin (Christine Lahti)

Character description:

Dr. Austin first appeared in the season premiere of the second season of Chicago Hope, by buying Dr. Kronk in a charity auction for $3250. She is an extremely good cardiothoracic surgeon, who has taken a pay slash in order to institute changes at Chicago Hope. She could be the Chief of Surgery one day soon...



April 4, 1950 (Detroit, MI)


September 4, 1983 to Thomas Schlamme (director of CH episodes like "The Quarantine" and "Growth Pains", and also such movies as: Miss Firecracker, and So I Married An Axe Murderer). They have 3 children: Wilson (a son), born July 5, 1988 in Jackson MI, and twins born August 3, 1993 (a son and a daughter).

Previous Roles


Recently won an Oscar for her short live action film (directed and starred), "Lieberman In Love."

Attended University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI studying language, then speech and drama. BA (1968-72).

Began attending Florida State University, FL studying fine arts. MA Left school 1973.

Trained for the stage at Herbert Berghof Studio and Neighborhood Playhouse, with William Esper and Uta Hagen

In 1979, succeeded Roxane Hart opposite Kevin Kline in Michael Weller's off-Broadway play, "Loose Ends"

Lahti means "bay of water" and is also the name of a town north of Helsinki

The daughter of Paul Theodore (a surgeon) and Elizabeth Margaret (a nurse, homemaker, and painter; maiden name, Tabar) Lahti

Won numerous awards, including:

She will be appearing in the movie "Pie In The Sky" with John Goodman, in a supporting role. It's a romance starring Josh Charles, and Anne Heche.

Best Lines:

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