Scott's Resume

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P.O. Box 2829
Stanford, California 94309-2829
(650) 497-7859
9/95-Present Stanford University, Stanford, California. Master of Science, Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction. Anticipated conferral June 1998. GPA 3.16/4.0.
9/92-6/97 Stanford University, Stanford, California. Bachelor of Science, Computer Science. GPA 3.41/4.0, GPA in major 3.44/4.0.
Residential Computer Coordinator, Naranja House, Stanford University, Stanford, California. Part of a 6 person staff in a 65 student undergraduate dormitory. Manage the dorm computer cluster, educate residents in all aspects of computing, consult with students on computer related problems, and install and maintain in-room Ethernet connections for Macs and PCs.
9/97-12/97 Teaching Assistant, CS105, Stanford University, Stanford, California. TA for an introductory computer science class teaching basic HTML and JavaScript to non-majors. Graded assignments, prepared for and taught a weekly section, and counselled students in weekly office hours.
Engineering Intern, JavaSoft, Sun Microsystems, Inc., Cupertino, California. Member of the small team which built a Java-based World Wide Web server. Responsible for the server-side imagemap module and CGI compatibility module. Wrote the back-end for a demo showcasing JDBC and Servlet technologies. Participated in first round bug-fixing efforts after initial release.
9/96-6/96 Systems Administrator, Research and Instructional Technologies Support, Stanford University, Stanford, California. System maintenance and support, and custom application development for a heterogeneous network of MacOS 7.5, DEC Ultrix, SunOS 4.3, Windows 95, MachTen, Solaris, and Linux.
6/95-9/95 Software Intern, PSI Aktiengesellschaft für Prozeßsteuerungs- und Informationssysteme, Berlin, Germany. Designed and programmed a graphics module in Borland C++ for a Windows 3.1 based object-oriented inventory control system. Designed and implemented a simplified formatted text output package. Communicated exclusively in German.
3/93-6/96 Microcomputer Consultant, Stanford University, Stanford, California. Consult in primary campus computer cluster with 68 networked Power Macintoshes. Answer technical questions, install and configure software, troubleshoot hardware, and serve as a problem solving resource.
6/94-9/94 Programming Intern, Genentech, Inc., South San Francisco, California. Produced a World Wide Web site on a DEC Alpha for use as an enterprise-wide information service. Designed pages in HTML, converted existing resources to HTML, programmed CGI scripts in Perl, programmed support scripts in C, Perl, and AppleScript, coordinated information acquisition from other departments.
  • Proficiency in MacOS, Unix, C, C++, Java, Perl, LISP, 68000 Assembly.
  • Experience with MS-DOS, Windows 95, MIPS Assembly, AppleScript.
  • Proficiency in German.
HONORS: Eagle Scout, 1991.
  • Sponsorship Coordinator, Ragtime Ball Committee, 1997
  • Committe Member, Viennese Ball Committee, 1996, 1997, 1998
  • Vintage Dance Ensemble member