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Hi there. I'm Scott. Roy Atwood. Scott Roy Atwood. I was born long ago. Longer than you can count on your fingers and toes. Probably. That makes me a fresh off the farm graduate of Stanford University with a BS and MS in computer science. My masters studies concentrated on Human-Computer Interaction, including linguistics, human psychology, communication. I could talk to you about why you like to converse with you computer. If you're into that kinda thing.

photo of me as a vampire I love to dance. Pretty simple. Play some good bug and I can't keep my feet still. For the last three years at Stanford, I've been a member of the Stanford Vintage Dance Ensemble. I've also had the pleasure of performing in the opening committee of the annual Viennese Ball for three years. I think my favorite dances are Lindy and Waltz, but I could do a mean polka, argentine tango, and zweifacher...and various vintage dances. I've performed, done some workshops, and frequent more casual dances. I've been known to dress like a vampire, too, and dance with fangs. Mmmmmm.

All that dancing got me dancer roles in two student-produced movies: "The Ball" by Kathy Quinonas and "Lines of Direction" by Elizabeth Martin and David Starke. I did some community theater at home in Oregon before coming to Stanford, so it was really neat to be able to continue that at school.

When I'm not around my computer, I like to be around other people's computers...and other people, too, incidentally. You can attempt analyze me by analyzing my {friends}. I've been Resident Computer Coordinator in Naranja (you'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy on campus) for the last three years, and a Tresidder Lair computer consultant for three years before that.

photo of me and Lindy Hop legend Frankie Manning Hmm, what other tidbits about me can I offer? I'm really interested in photography...you can look at some of my work in the gallery. Hopefully more will go up in time. Ich kenne Deutsch. I spent 6 months in Germany, three on a summer internship and another quarter in Stanford in Berlin. And before surrendering my soul to the computer industry, I made a grand tour of Europe, including England and Germany. That's the life.

So now I'm out in the real world and ready to start a nice job at Taos Mountain, a company which contracts sysadmins to bay-area technology companies. I'll be one of those, presumably. I guess I won't be around to recover the 20-page papers of frantic freshmen anymore...

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