I am Judy Anderson, yclept yduJ. yduJ rhymes with fudge, and is always capitalized as above, even at the start of a sentence.

A brief history: I've been on the information superhighway since it was a goat track.

Oh my god I'm a mother! How did that happen? Not only that, I seem to be maintaining the website for the local MOMS Club! Eek. How domestic!

Even more domestically, I decided to store my recipes online. Bon appetit! (Maybe I shouldn't have, because many of them are uncredited, and I stole them from somewhere, but copied them here for convenience. Some are original creations, though, and some are in fact credited.)

On occasion, I write up interesting experiences I've had. In addition to these below I'm highlighting, I have a number of vacation travelogues.

I've also been writing less formal reports on my LiveJournal blog, so the above haven't been getting updated as often as previously.

I've even been published!

I've also written a lot of MOO documentation. My housemate Valerie wrote a poem for my late cat, Frankie (RIP March 1998). Sadly, my longest living cat, Mottle, who was the best cat on the planet, is no longer with us (RIP 9/13/03). I had gotten a "backup cat", Squeak, but unfortunately she also failed to stay out of the road (RIP 9/17/02). I was catless for about 9 months until I got a new cat named Tilly, but unfortunately she didn't work out. I found a new home for her, and then in March 2006 ended up with two more new kitties, Tawny and Chloe. September is a bad month for cats. Tawny was hit by a car after only six months (RIP 9/21/06). Chloe reveled in the single-cat household remaining, but four years later, my daughter wanted a kitten, so in July 2010 we took delivery of an 8 week old kitten whom she named Tiptoe. (Chloe predictably didn't like her.) Unfortunately, Tiptoe was hit by a car at age 2 (RIP 10/13/12). Perhaps Chloe is destined to be in a single-cat household.

Valerie also wrote up our Winter Solstice ritual.

Before I had kids, I used to have non-net hobbies as well, including Western Square Dancing and sailing on my housemate's trimaran.

No page is complete without pictures.

My former housemate Tim has a journal in which he has photos of me and other housemates and our house, among other things.