I am Judy Anderson, yclept yduJ. yduJ rhymes with fudge, and is always capitalized as above, even at the start of a sentence.

A brief history: I've been on the information superhighway since it was a goat track.

Oh my god I'm a mother! How did that happen? Not only that, for a while I was the maintainer of the website for the local MOMS Club! Eek. How domestic!

Even more domestically, I decided to store my recipes online. Bon appetit! (Maybe I shouldn't have, because many of them are uncredited, and I stole them from somewhere, but copied them here for convenience. Some are original creations, though, and some are in fact credited.)

I used to spend too much time on MUDs. Specifically I'm an administrator of LambdaMOO. There were a number of others which I used to hang out on, but they've pretty much all disappeared.

On occasion, I write up interesting experiences I've had. In addition to these below I'm highlighting, I have a number of vacation travelogues.

I've also been writing less formal reports on my DreamWidth blog, so the above haven't been getting updated as often as previously. I used LiveJournal originally, before it turned into a pit of slime. I've been on Twitter but now that it is also turning into a pit of slime, migrating to Mastodon.

I've even been published!

I've also written a lot of MOO documentation. My housemate Valerie wrote a poem for my late cat, Frankie (RIP March 1998). Sadly, my longest living cat, Mottle, who was the best cat on the planet, is no longer with us (RIP 9/13/03). I had gotten a "backup cat", Squeak, but unfortunately she also failed to stay out of the road (RIP 9/17/02). I was catless for about 9 months until I got a new cat named Tilly, but unfortunately she didn't work out. I found a new home for her, and then in March 2006 ended up with two more new kitties, Tawny and Chloe. September is a bad month for cats. Tawny was hit by a car after only six months (RIP 9/21/06). Chloe reveled in the remaining single-cat household, but four years later, my daughter wanted a kitten, so in July 2010 we took delivery of an 8 week old kitten whom she named Tiptoe. (Chloe predictably didn't like her.) Unfortunately, Tiptoe was hit by a car at age 2 (RIP 10/13/12). Chloe was indeed destined to be in a single-cat household, until her death at age 14, of lung cancer (RIP 2/20/19). In 2021 I got two geriatric cats, Downy, and Jetty. Jetty only lasted a couple of months (RIP 3/23/21). Downy lasted considerably longer (RIP 4/1/24).

Valerie also wrote up our Winter Solstice ritual.

Before I had kids, I used to have non-net hobbies as well, including Western Square Dancing and sailing on my housemate's trimaran.

No page is complete without pictures.

My former housemate Tim has a journal in which he has photos of me and other housemates and our house, among other things.