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SRP - Secure Remote Password Authentication
SRP is a strong password authentication protocol that can be used to set up a secure communications session when the two sides initially share only a weak, human-memorizable password. Sample software, including secure Telnet and FTP applications, can be downloaded, and you can view my technical paper, which has been published and presented in the 1998 ISOC NDSS Symposium.
jsbn - BigIntegers and RSA in JavaScript
A pure JavaScript implementation of large-integer math, capable of performing useful-sized (512-bit, 1024-bit) RSA encryption in almost any Web browser.

Number Theory

GRU Primality Proofs
GRUs, or "Generalized Repunits", are numbers of the form (bn-1)/(b-1), where b and n are both integers and b>2 and n>2. Several of my proofs are featured in the Prime Pages' Top-20 list of GRU primes. My numbers appear under the prover codes CH2 and p170.

As of December 2010 I hold the record for the largest proven GRU prime.

Prime Number Records
In 2009, I developed a prime number sieve called SGsieve and used it to find large prime numbers of selected types, setting some world records in the process. These primes appear under the code L983 on the Prime Pages.

From March 2010 to April 2012 I held the record for the largest known Sophie Germain prime.

Other stuff

The Coin Page
Find out how to find doubled-die 1995 Linoln cents and other information for amateur coin collectors.