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I have graduated! I am currentlyenroled as a PhD student at the Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto in Canada. A new web page may be in the works here.


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At the moment I have decided to try to satisfy the requirements for the theory designation of the M.S.C.S degree. The following is my justification of prerequisites and core courses that I do not have to take.

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This summer (1999) I will be employed as an intern at Silicon Graphics Corporation. My resume has been moved off of this website since it is no longer my current website. Please note that I am not actively seeking full-time employment at the moment.

Currently I was working as a research assistant for the STeP group in the department of Computer Science here at Stanford. My particular interest did lie in transforming Verilog HDL (or subset of) to a form that may be used in the STeP project. You should look here for more information about the progress of this work.


You can try to get to my personal page , but you need to know me first!

Recently I received a new UNIX box which is called It is named after the painter Tom Thomson: here are some links about him and his art for the curious:

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