If you wish to include SoundApp on a CD ROM as part of a freeware/shareware collection, Web browser or book, I ask that you send me a complimentary copy of the product to me at:

Norman Franke
P.O. Box 2442
Livermore, CA 94551-2442

If you or your company are interested in licensing the playback and/or conversion routines in SoundApp, please write me at the address above or send e-mail. SoundApp's routines are already (or soon will be) used in several commercial products. Licensing is for non-exclusive rights for your product(s). Custom modifications can be negotiated if desired.

Note that the MPEG decompression code and the MOD drivers cannot be licensed by me, as they are owned by other authors. Please contact me for more information.

In addition, I can license or custom create HyperCard-compatible XCMDs for playback and/or conversion for use in any product that supports XCMDs.

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For more information please contact: franke@stanfordalumni.org