This is SnakeByte by Eric Hawkes.

In order to run the applet, you will probably need to have Netscape 3.0 or later installed. I am not sure how older browsers will handle the applet. Or, you can download the latest version of the Java Plugin for your browser.

There are two ways to control the snake: the two-key system, and the four-key system.

In the two-key system, you simply hit the "j" key to turn left, and the "k" key to turn right. For example, hitting "j" four times in a row will make four left turns, bringing you full circle.

In the four-key system, hitting a key will point the snake in a certain direction, turning it if necessary. The "a" key points the snake up, the "z" key points the snake down, the comma key points the snake left, and the period key points the snake right. For example, suppose the snake is pointing upward. In order to make a left turn, you would point the snake left by hitting ",". To turn the snake left again, you would then have to point the snake down by hitting "z", and so on. The four-key system also works with the four arrow keys present on an extended keyboard.

The "q" key quits the game if one is in progress. The "p" key pauses and resumes the game. The "m" key mutes and unmutes the sound.

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Your browser is ignoring the <APPLET> tag. I recommend that you download the latest version of the Java Plugin for your browser.

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