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Getting waypoints into the Garmin GPS 60 using .loc file and GPSBabel

(Note, assuming you have access to PocketQueries on, I recommend updating MapSource and opening the .gpx file directly in MapSource. See the main article for details.)

UPDATE 1/7/06: I got a note from the GPSBabel Guy who let's us know about a way to get waypoints into your GPSr directly from GPSBabel: You did know that you can simplify your process by eliminating the bounce through mapsource and choosing type "garmin" and a file of "usb:" (or com3: or whatever, if you're using serial...) and shooting them straight to your unit, right? Signed, The GPSBabel Guy.

Here's how I upload waypoints to my GPSr:

  1. Download .loc file from You can do this from either the search results screen (you have to be logged in, and you can download up to 20 waypoints at a time), or from the Pocket Queries fuction (you have to be logged in as a premium member, and you can download up to 500 waypoints at a time.) More on this later.
  2. Use GPSBabel to convert the .loc file to a .mps file. (See the section immediately below for more detail on this step.)
  3. Open or import the .mps file into the MapSource software that came with the GPS 60.
  4. Select the "Send to device" function in MapSource.
Note that this proceedure will add upon the waypoints currently in the GPSr. It won't blow away what's already in there.

Using GPSBabel to Convert .loc Files to .mps Files

I use the GPSBabel to convert .loc waypoint files to .mps files. Here's the proceedure I use:

  1. Run GPSBabelGUI.exe (I didn't want to learn the command-line interface. This interface might only be available for Windows.)
  2. Choose the .loc file I want to convert as the input file. Note the format is .loc.
  3. Choose the output file format to be Garmin MapSource .mps.
  4. Set the output filename with a .mps extension.
  5. Hit the "Process" button.
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