Danny Yang
PhD student
Advisor: Leo Guibas

Computer Science Department
Clark Center S257
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305
Email: dbyang@stanford.edu

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Update: I am working at the photo search company Riya.


My research is in wireless sensor networks and computer vision. I am currently working on using many networked low-level sensors to answer high-level queries in a distributed way. Specifically, I am interested in using cameras in the energy constrained wireless sensor network environment, where computation and communication are limited. Cameras are high data rate devices, so the data must be aggregated as early and as much as possible. One of the aspects I seek to understand is the tradeoff between communication and computation in a camera network. Another aspect is to understand what can be sensed with a camera network composed of hundreds or thousands of camera nodes. On the computer vision side, I have worked on tracking non-rigid objects and determining structure from motion.


Optimal Placement and Selection of Camera Network Nodes for Target Localization
A. Ercan, D. Yang, A. El Gamal, and L. Guibas. submitted.

Sensor Tasking for Occupancy Reasoning in a Network of Cameras
D. Yang, J. Shin, A. Ercan, and L. Guibas. in Proc. BASENETS'04.

Counting People in Crowds with a Real-Time Network of Image Sensors
D. Yang, H. Gonzalez-Banos, and L. Guibas. in Proc. IEEE ICCV 2003.

CVPR 2001 Best Student Paper Award
Tracking and Modelling Non-Rigid Objects with Rank Constraints
Lorenzo Torresani, Danny Yang, Gene Alexander, Christoph Bregler. in Proc. IEEE CVPR 2001.

Dynamical spin response functions for Heisenberg ladders
Danny B. Yang, W. C. Haxton. Physical Review B, 57(17), 1 May 1998, pp. 10603-10608.


I have been a Teaching Assistant for the following classes:

Spring 2003: CS428: Information Processing for Sensor Networks

Autumn, Winter, and Spring 2001-2002: CS528: Broad Area Colloquium for Artificial Intelligence, Geometry, Graphics, Robotics and Vision

Winter Quarter 2000: CS229: Machine Learning

Autumn Quarter 1999: CS221: Artificial Intelligence: Principles & Techniques


cs ultimate frisbee I organize a weekly pickup game at Stanford.