Songs played in the Chicago Hope Operating Room

If you've watched a lot of Chicago Hope, you're probably noticed that the songs played during the operation usually have at least some significance. Jeff Rona, who scores Chicago Hope, says that most of the songs are written in the script itself, and practically all of them have significance. Here is a partial listing of the songs, and my haphazard guess (if any) of the relevance.
"Chain of Fools" (Aretha Franklin)
When doing the heart transplant, Camille drops the donor heart on the floor
Love and Hope
"What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted" (??)
Geiger operates on Godfrey Nabbott to install a pace-maker, since his heart has something wrong with it.
"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" (Gene Autry)
Godfrey Nabbott in surgery again, this time with a leg clot. This is the Christmas episode, so a little holiday music is in order.
"?? (song begins "25 miles from home")" (??)
Shutt is in surgery operating on a brain clot Godfrey Nabbott receives after falling in the hospital.
Small Sacrifices
"Get Ready" (The Temptations)
Geiger is operating on a hockey player with a hole in his heart, who was brought in by Kronk (in his debut on Chicago Hope)
Classical music (?)
Infante is re-attaching a finger to Tedesco. It contrasts heavily with Geiger's music (since the two scenes are played back to back), and also Tedesco is a concert flautist.
"Wild Thing" (Tone Loc)
Although this wasn't technically played in the OR, it was still pretty funny, and worth including. This was played when Kronk came back to the hospital to check on the hockey player he brought in, and is walking down the halls. The music was WELL coordinated.
Internal Affairs
"Gimme Some Money ?" (Spinal Tap ?)
Geiger is operating on the amputated leg of John Sagonner, a kicker trying out for the Chicago Bears. Sagonner can no longer earn a living as a kicker, but he can make money selling his story to the tabloids.
"The Way You Do The Things You Do" (The Temptations)
Geiger is operating on Allison, one of Nyland's nurse ex-girlfriends who is faking her illness to garner sympathy from Nyland.
The Virus
"Some Day We'll Be Together" (The Supremes)
Geiger and Infante are operating together, and have been having some problems in their relationship. Pretty self-explanatory.
Songs From the Cuckoo Birds (Season Finale)
"ABC" (Jackson 5)
Geiger is operating on a patient, which is easy (as ABC) for him, when Dr. Watters comes in to inform him his license to practise medicine has been suspended.
"The Lumberjack" (Jackyl) (thanks to Bryon Finkel for info)
Kronk is in surgery, having requested Lynyrd Skynyrd be played. Instead, as a joke, the surgical staff plays music that uses a chainsaw as an instrument, as a reference to Kronk's chainsaw amputation.
"Sweet Home Alabama" (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
Kronk is in surgery, finally listening to his Lynyrd Skynyrd. But Geiger is watching, wondering if he's going to get his license back. He just referred to the OR as a "home," and one line in the song is "Sweet Home Alabama...I'm coming home to you," sorta foreshadowing Geiger's return to the OR.
Hello, Goodbye
"You Wreck Me" (Tom Petty)
Nyland is in the OR botching an "appendectomy" (which the patient didn't need)

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