Where have they all gone?

Many characters seem to have fallen off the face of the planet where Chicago Hope resides. Here's a list of them, and what they were last doing, before their tragic disapperance.

Dr. Thurmond (E.G. Marshall)

When last seen, Dr. Thurmond was being sued by the green nurse for sexual harassment, and had a heart attack while being quarantined (in the episode entitled, strangely enough, "Quarantine"). What happened to the character is a mystery (vague references by Dr. Watters, but that's all), but the actor, E.G. Marshall apparently moved to Conneticut to be with his family, so his character was dropped from the show. David Kelley said he hopes that E.G. Marshall will be back for one or two more episodes this season, so we may not have seen the very end of Dr. Thurmond.

Angela Giandamenicio (Roma Maffia)

When last seen, Angela had just embezzled a lot of money from Aaron to pay for some insurance (the actual details are sketchy, anyone else remember?). Aaron, justly angry, felt he couldn't trust Angela again, and told her that she could continue to be Geiger's secretary, but not his. After this, she falls into the the pit of no return, although there are faint rumors of some guest returns.

Detective Stacey Halmora (Jamie Rose)

This was Alan's love interest. She told Alan that he wasn't an eel or a snake, but an adorable man. She originally met Alan by busting Geiger for solicitation. But, since Alan has had the adoption story line, we've neither seen, nor heard from Stacey again! Peter MacNicol (Alan Birch) says that she was axed, so it's unlikely we'll see her again.

Nurse Sarah Jane Petty (Teri Polo) aka the green nurse

Since she was tied to Dr. Thurmond's last known story-line, apparently she too had to be banished. I'm sort of disappointed because I wanted to see that story-line resolved -- but, no E.G. Marshall, no Teri Polo. Latest news is the actress has moved to Northern Exposure.

Dr. Ray Kadalski (Allen Garfield)

Since being fired from the hospital (mostly because he brings a bad reputation to psychiatrists as "quacks"), Dr. Kadalski (aka the High Hopes guy) has not been seen. Perhaps he'll be seen again soon, but the way things have gone for past characters, there may be no reprieve.

Laurie Geiger (Kim Greist)

With Geiger firmly implanted into a relationship with Dr. Infante, Laurie appears headed for the sunset. (Although hopefully not, because she is really great in this role!).

Dr. Antonovich (Margaret Colin)

Well, Dr. Antonovich didn't really disappear, but rather died. But everyone seems to want to know where she is! Margaret Colin had another television show (which I think is off the air now) titled "The Wright Verdicts," and apparently had to leave Chicago Hope.

Dr. Nadine Winslow (Victoria Dillard)

Geiger's temporary girlfriend, whom he dumped after he realized that he actually might be able to get serious with her. Since then, nothing.

Dr. Geri Infante (Diane Venora)

With Mandy Patinkin leaving the show, it appears as if Dr. Infante will also never return. When we last saw her (in the Season 1 season finale), she had testified against Geiger in a state license board hearing. Geiger tells her he hopes that one day they can be together, but for now, they will be apart.

R.I.P. Alan Birch (Peter MacNicol)

Alan was shot while with Diane Grad, and subsequently died. The offscreen reason for his departure is that with David Kelley no longer writing the bulk of the episodes, Peter MacNicol felt that his character would suffer, and rather than allow that to happen, he left. As evidenced by the first few shows, it was probably a wise decision, since the new writers didn't seem to have the expertise to write good legal drama (and David Kelley used to be a lawyer).

Dr. Jeffrey Geiger (Mandy Patinkin)

After Alan's death, Geiger assumed responsibility for Alicia, taking a leave of absence. He will return for future episodes (possibly the 12th and 13th of this season). Offscreen, Mandy wanted to spend more time with his family in New York, rather than commuting from L.A. constantly.

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