Great Geigerisms 2.6

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            Memorable Mandy Moments/Great Geigerisms
                           Episode 2.6
                    Who Turned Out The Lights

Bells are ringing and the lights are out in the hospital, as Geiger
passes Birch in the hall:

JG:  What's the matter, Alan, didn't pay the electric bill?

Geiger continues walking to a stuck elevator full of people who are
trying to get off:

KA:  Everybody OK?
JG:  Boy oh boy, that's some big Magilla.  I don't believe this. 
     I gotta walk down six flights.  [He heads for the stairs.]
KA:  Hey Jeff, Jeff.  I know a faster way down.  Step on over. 
     I'll even give you a push.  C'mon.
JG:  Such misplaced hostility.
KA:  What?
JG:  Kate, you should really consider seeing a therapist.  You know
     Ray Kadalski?   [John Sutton comes off the elevator.]
JS:  Here I am.  You owe me a hundred bucks.
KA:  I don't have a hundred bucks.
JS:  Well, I'll take it out on trade.  [He gives her a big kiss.]
KA:  You're bad.  Oh listen, I am so late for a meeting.  Would you
     come find me later?
JS:  You come find me.
KA:  No, that's no fun.  Besides, it will help you learn your way
     around here.  Nay, you come find me.  [She leaves.]
JG:  Excuse me.  I'm uh... I'm Dr. Jeffrey Geiger.
JS:  Geiger?
JG:  Cardio-thoracic
JS:  John Sutton, OB-GYN.
JG:  One of those touchy-feely OBs?
JS:  Depends.
JG:  Whatever that means.  Listen, I-I don't like stickin' my nose
     where it doesn't belong, coarse uh... nobody's ever accused me
     of being shy, but I-I couldn't help noticing you and Kate
     Austin.  You seem to know each other quite well.
JS:  Yeah, you could say that... we're married.  Hell of a storm
     out there, huh?

Shutt is trying to thread Mr. Crossland's catheter in the OR.  A
Johnny Cash tape is playing:

AS:  Where's Geiger?  [JG enters the OR.]
JG:  You rang?
AS:  Yes.  Mr. Crossland here presented with a bleeding ABM has now
     developed fluid in his right lung, probably blood.
JG:  Blood in his lung, catheter in his brain.  Phillip thinks he
     has problems with a couple of lousy generators. ... Need to
     take a peak.  [He wants to move the fluoroscope.]
AS:  Jeffrey!
JG:  Just a peak.  Pull back the catheter.  I want to find the dissection.
AS:  Do you know what a mother it has been threading this catheter?
     I'm half way to the bleeder.
JG:  Well, I'm impressed, I'm awed, and I'm insisting.  Pull back
     the catheter.
AS:  The man has a grade 5 bleed.  If I don't stop it, he'll die.
JG:  Well, the transected aorta could kill him too.  What is this,
     too much to ask? ... Even if it is, I'm still insisting.  Pull
     it back.  [AS hesitates but gives in just as Johnny Cash is
     singing "I hang my head and cry."]
     Move.  Little bit more.  Oops, stop.  Give me a shot of dye.
     There it is, transected aorta distal to the left subclavian. 
     [to AS]  You're a prince.  [JG pats him on the back.]  Hey
     [Joslyn?], we'll be doing an aortic repair.  I'm gonna scrub. 
     By the time I get back, you better be done.
AS:  I'll be done when the procedure's finished.
JG:  Five minutes.
AS:  Ten.
JG:  Seven, tops.
AS:  Don't rush your scrub.

Geiger returns with Austin:

JG:  What are you doing over there?  I can't believe you're not done yet.
AS:  Working as fast as I can.
KA:  Pass the catheter through the true [?].  I'm impressed.
AS:  Oh terrific!  We're losing the fluoroscope.
JG:  Generator must be crappin' out.  Scalpel.
AS:  No no no wait!  I did not cath this man just to lose him now.
KA:  Aaron, we can't wait, OK?
JG:  Well, for once we agree.
AS:  I'm almost at the bleeder, will you stop please?
JG:  Aaron, I'm gonna open him up.  You got two minutes left. 
     Austin, ready?
KA:  Yeah.
JG:  Folks, this is for all the marbles.  Let's go.
KA:  Let's get the suction hooked up.
JG:  Saw.

Austin is singing (with a country twang) to the music playing in
the background:

KA:  [singing]  We got married in a fever.  Hotter than a peppered sprout.
JG:  I got to get around this vessel.
KA:  Let me get it.
JG:  No no, I'll do it. ... 
     I can't get around the clot.
KA:  Here, let me try.
JG:  No no, I'll do it.  What are you doing?
KA:  Found it.
JG:  Really?  Sure?  [Blood spurts out on Geiger.]
KA:  Yep, I'm sure.
JG:  All right, there you go.  Times up, Aaron.  We're at the transection.
AS:  I'm just at the bleed.
JG:  All right, pull the cath.
AS:  Can't.
JG:  Aaron, it's time.
AS:  Won't.
Other Dr.:
     BP's dropping.  I've got both lungs wide open.
JG:  We're not waiting. ... Get that out of the way.  Try to keep up.
Other Dr.:
     We're below the numbers!
JG:  Aaron.  Get out, Aaron.
KA:  1-2-3 clamp.
JG:  Nuts!  [AS sits down.]
KA:  C'mon Aaron.  Why don't you sing?
AS:  Man, I hate country music. ...
JG:  [JG and KA are working well together.] [to KA] You're good.
     Aaron, can't say ya didn't give it a try.
AS:  And scored.
KA:  Got the ABM, you stopped the bleeding?
AS:  Mmmm hmmm.  And I didn't even need a second pair of hands.
     [JG and KA look at each other.]

Walking out of the OR after the operation:

JG:  Could be real touch and go for Mr. Crossland for a couple of days.
     Nice work--
KA:  [singing]  If you can get it--
AS:  [singing]  And you can get it--
JG:  If you try.
KA:  What a shame, we don't get along like this all the time.
JG:  [washing up]  Crying shame.
KA:  Hey Jeffrey, uh... by the way, I wanted to thank you for that
     deposition tonight.  I owe you one.  [JG takes the flashlight
     and leaves.]
     [to AS]  Your friend there is causing a lot of humiliation lately.
AS:  Well, he thought he was right... and when Jeffrey thinks he's
     right, he's a... he's a nightmare from hell.  He's a passionate guy.
KA:  Oh please, passionate.  If I behaved like that, I'd be called
     what?  An emotional bitch.  I don't get you guys.  Why do you
     let him get away with it?  I don't know, I do learn from him
     though.  Every time I stand across from him in the OR, boom,
     I learn something.  He's amazing.

Austin and Shutt are in the hall making plans for a date:

AS:  I can't wait.
JG:  [listening around the corner]  Did you know she was married?
KA:  Oh, I'm not.
JG:  Are too.
KA:  I am not!
JG:  [to AS]  Meet you in the cafeteria.  [leaves via the stairs,
     shaking his head.]
KA:  I'm not married.  I'm not married.  I'll explain that on our
     date too.

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