Great Geigerisms 2.4

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              Memorable Mandy Moments/Great Geigerisms
                           Episode 2.4
                     Every Day a Little Death

Mrs. Weber is discussing her son Michael with Geiger:

Mrs.: He's better, right?  I mean, he looks better.
JG:   Your son has a malformed heart.  It won't get better by itself.
Mrs.: I know that.  He needs a new one.  Dr. Mitchell said so last year.
JG:   No, it's not that simple. There are serious complications.
MW:   Ow!  Damn gook, you stabbed me!
Amy:  You moved.
MW:   I don't want a jap touching me, all right.  It creeps me out.
Mrs.: Michael!
Amy:  I'm Filipina.  I have to take your blood.
MW:   No, no.  Could I have a white nurse?  Someone who's clean.
JG:   I'll take care of it.
MW:   Yeah, that's better.
JG:   Think so?  I'm outta practice.  [JG wipes the arm with his 2
      fingers and jabs the needle in MW's arm.]
MW:   Yoooowwww!
JG:   See!  Never happens with her.  [JG roughly unties the elastic
      band and bends MW's arm with a slap.]  That a boy!

Walking to Watter's office, Geiger, Watters and Austin are
discussing the Weber case:

JG:   I want him off the list.
KA:   Well, I'll just put him back on.
PW:   Patients' political beliefs, however vile, have no bearing on
      his eligibility for transplant.  You know that.
JG:   I'm not talking beliefs.  I'm talking a kidney infection
      that's recurred four times in the past six months.
KA:   There's been no sign of infection for five weeks.  He's status
      one, Phillip.  With prophylactic antibiotics he should be able
      to transplant.
JG:   Not good enough.  You put him on immunosuppressants, you're
      asking for [symptosemia?].  [He sits on the couch.]
KA:   The benefits still outweigh the risks.  Phillip, the kid is 17
      years old.  He's got his whole life ahead of him.
JG:   Sad, it's tragic, but he's a bad candidate.
KA:   W-Wait!  Bad for transplant or bad for your survival stats?
JG:   Great choice, Phillip.  She has all the finesse of a rhino in heat.
KA:   Takes one to know one.
JG:   And the surgical skill of Jeffrey Dahmer.
PW:   All right, that's enough, both of you, that's enough.
      She's right.  Because of his age we have to have compelling
      clinical reasons to deny Michael Weber a transplant.
KA:   He should stay on the list unless the infection recurs again.
JG:   I'm the surgeon.  It's my decision.  I want him gone.
PW:   I'm overruling you.  [JG gets up and silently exits through
      the outside door.]

Geiger and Austin are coming off the elevator to Weber's room:

KA:   Donors' mother gave permission a few minutes ago.  I've
      already talked to Mrs. Weber about--
JG:   I'm not doing it.  He's not viable and I'm not doing it.
KA:   Technically he's still your patient doctor.
JG:   I don't care.
KA:   Oh God, you know, this isn't about a transplant.  This is
      about my authority, isn't it?
JG:   What authority?
KA:   Oh wow, you are in denial.  [They hear arguing and rush to
      Weber's room where MW is screaming about not wanting the
      donor's heart.]
JG:   [holding MW down]  10 mg. diazepam.  Get some restraints!
Mrs.: He overheard the nurses say he was going to get the heart 
      from a Black boy.  Now that isn't true, is it?
KA:   That information is confidential.
MW:   I'm not getting that blood.  That blood is contaminated.  NO!
JG:   [throwing him down on the bed]  You're an ignorant Nazi ass!

Listening to the commotion in the room, Mrs. White (the donor's
mother) changes her mind and refuses to let anyone touch her son:

JG:   You lost just the heart.  Your guy.
KA:   He's not *my guy*.
JG:   Way to go ace.  [He walks slowly away.]

Geiger, Austin and Watters in Watters' office:

JG:   What am I doing here?  Weber's not my patient.
PW:   That's open to debate.
JG:   You're wasting my time.
PW:   I'm trying to determine the facts.  I thought the donor's
      mother backed out.  She refused to let us have the heart.
KA:   Yeah, and then I talked to her again before Weber coded and
      she changed her mind.
JG:   Oh real ethical.  Treat her for a twisted arm?
KA:   No, that's your department.
PW:   All right, all right.  Time out, time out.  Go on.
KA:   Thank you.  When Mrs. White gave her consent, I notified the
      organ bank and a status two in Nashville is next in line.  In
      fact their team lands at O'Hare in exactly 20 minutes.
PW:   So legally the heart doesn't belong to us anymore.  We really
      can't consider Mrs. Weber's request.
JG:   That would be my call.  Can I go now?
PW:   I've been trying to locate Alan Birch. [AB enters.]   If he
      says there is no liability, then the surgeon in Nashville can harvest.
AB:   No, he can't.  Mrs. Weber got a temporary restraining order
      this morning.  She's going to court to get the heart.
JG:   [walking out]  Sounds... peachy!

In Watters' office after Austin testified:

JG:   Fire her!  She testified against the hospital.  She testified
      against me.
PW:   Like Geri Infante?  Maybe that's why you're overreacting.
JG:   I'm not overreacting.  I don't even think about Infante.
PW:   No no.  Of coarse not.  Look, I know your nose is out of
      joint, it has been for weeks, but that's no reason to fire
      Austin.  If she hadn't testified voluntarily, they would have
      forced her.
JG:   That still doesn't count.  Her bedside manner is a dead give
      away.  Rotten doctors always cover it up with charm.
PW:   She's a fine surgeon only slightly less brilliant than you
      are.  I have a million things to do.  Aren't you supposed to
      be scrubbing?
JG:   I'm not doing this transplant.
PW:   I could order you to.
JG:   [smiles]  Try it.
PW:   No.  I'd like you to assist.

In the OR:

KA:   OK, home stretch guys.  One [Leaven canula?].
JG:   [to the students watching]  Bad choice and a bad sight.  She
      should have placed it more distally and used the Geiger
      canula.  They fit better.
KA:   In some cases, but they're a pain in the ass to work with.
JG:   She also left too much atrial cuff.  Expect major tricuspid
      regurgitation and a corrected procedure.
KA:   Maybe when you do it, I never had that result.
JG:   I clean out the cuff completely and trim the pulmonaries a lot
      more.  These are gonna kink up and trash his blood flow.
KA:   Are you done with the helpful hints?
JG:   No.
KA:   No.
JG:   Your incision is too short.  Your exposures are not equipped--
KA:   Hey Jeffrey!  Put in any pacemakers lately?
JG:   You're sloppy.
KA:   You're fun.
JG:   You remember to inspect the donor heart?
KA:   Oh yeah.  I only wish it were yours!

Weber develops an infection; Austin and Watters are discussing his

KA:   No change all night.  He's still not responding.
PW:   He wasn't showing any symptoms.  You were giving antibiotics.
      You had no way of knowing the infection was resistent.
KA:   No no.  Geiger was right.  I should have caught it.
PW:   A rock and a hard place.  You have to prevent rejection, but
      the drugs sandbags the immune system.  The white blood count
      doesn't show until the infection is out of control.
KA:   It didn't go up, Phillip, the white count, not a fraction.  I
      was looking for it.  It didn't go up.
PW:   You didn't get any sleep.  Kronk can do your lobectomy.
KA:   No no.  Forget about it.  I'll be fine.  I'll just take a
      shower.  I'll be fine.  [JG enters.]
JG:   Weber coded-- acute rejection.
PW:   He died.
JG:   No time to page you.  He died at 7:18.  There's more.  I
      called the lab.  No blood work was done on Weber in the last
      48 hours.  You read an old white count.  It was totally wrong.

In the Board room:

KA:   No excuses.  I'm responsible.  I should have checked with the
      lab and made sure the blood work was done.
PW:   [to JG]  You ordered it.
JG:   It's rude to interrupt, Phillip.
KA:   You know what?  I'm doing a good job here.  Surgery is up,
      infections are down.  We have a new set of critical pathways
      and I thought about leaving, but I don't think that would be
      good for me or for Chicago Hope.  Guess what, Jeff?  I'm not
      resigning.  If you want me out of here, you're gonna have to
      fire me and if you do that, get ready for one hell of a
JG:   I'm ready.

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