Great Geigerisms 1.9

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                Memorable Mandy Moments/Great Geigerisms
                              Episode 9

Rabbi Taubler, who married Camille and Aaron Shutt, needs a heart transplant.
He asks about the donor and the doctor who will be doing the surgery:

RT:   And the doctor ... how do I know about him?
AS:   Jeffrey Geiger.  He's the best, the absolute best.

Cut to Geiger and Nyland examining the donor:

DN:   Me?  You're going to let me do this?
JG:   Why not?  As a transplant, you got to have a first time.
DN:   But you'll be with me?
JG:   Right by your side.  Look you don't have to.
DN:   No, I want to.  I definitely want to.
JG:   Motorcycles, good for organ supply, not much else. ...
DN:   You really want me to do this?
JG:   You're gonna be great.

In the OR, Geiger, Nyland and Camille are set for the operation:

JG:   Music.  Kid you're on.
DN:   Scalpel.
CS:   Wait a second.  What's going on?
JG:   There a problem nurse?
CS:   You're the surgeon on this.
JG:   Dr. Nyland is capable.
CS:   He's never done a transplant before.  This patient is a friend of mine.
JG:   Are you suggesting some patients in this hospital get better treatment
      than others based on their personal relationships with the medical
CS:   I'm suggesting that the best treatment this patient could get today
      is for you to do the procedure.
JG:   I am in charge of this room, therefore, what I say goes.  Are we clear?
      Dr. Nyland, lezzzz go.

Stacey Hallmora and Birch look on from the above viewing room:

SH:   It's amazing.  They take out hearts and put new hearts in.  It's like
      they're playing God.
AB:   Yeah.
SH:   What's the matter?
AB:   Nothing.  [Watters enters.]
      Did you know Nyland would be doing the transplant?
PW:   Where's Jeffrey?
AB:   He's there, but Nyland is doing it.  His first one.
SH:   It's his first heart transplant?  Well, does the patient know that?
AB:   Certainly not.
SH:   But a heart transplant.  If the doctor's never done it before,
      doesn't the patient have a legal right to know that?
AB:   Certainly not.  What patient would ever consent to that?

Geiger takes out the Rabbi's bad heart:

JG:   Say good night Gracie.  We got an empty Rabbi here Camille.  Let's get
      the new ticker in here.

Camille drops the heart.  It is then kicked under some equipment:

AB:   Oh my God, oh my God.  This is not good.  Where did it go?

Everyone freezes,  Camille stares wide-eyed in horror:

JG:   Somebody ... go pick the heart up.

As the doctors try to get at the heart, Geiger grows impatient:

JG:   Maybe we could all go a little faster.  I got an empty chest here.
      Pull it out gently and put it in a new sterile basin.
      Camille rescrub and get back in here.  Anybody who's touched it
      rescrub.  We'll be fine.  Nobody panic.
      [After Camille returns from scrubbing, Geiger tries to ease her mind.]
      It's a strong muscle Camille.  It's gonna be all right.
      Take it out and hand it to me.  Let's go.

After the operation:

JG:   One more thing.  This patient has a fine, strong heart in him.  He'll
      probably out live us all.  We're human.  What happened here was
      nobody's fault.  What's more, this patient does not need the
      added stress of knowing we played kickball with his new heart.
      Nothing leaves the room.  [He looks at Camille]  We're agreed.

Later, Geiger is paged to Taubler's room:

JG:   What the hell happened?  [Camille explains and Geiger takes control.]
      He's bleeding like a geyser in there.  [As Camille is pumping his heart,
      Geiger shoves her away and yells]
      Back off, Camille.  Back off.

Geiger and Nyland open Taubler's chest and continue to work on him:

JG:   The aorta is crumbling like a potato chip. ...
DN:   He's gone. ... [but Geiger continues to work.]
      Dr. Geiger, he's gone. ...
      Doctor, he's gone.
JG:   Damn.

A devastated Camille is in the hall.  Aaron looks at her and passes her by.
Geiger looks at Aaron walking away and tries to console Camille:

JG:   Has nothing to do with the incident.
CS:   We don't know that.
JG:   I'm telling you, I do know it.  Camille, listen to me.  You could have
      played basketball with that heart and it still would have been OK.
      It's a ball of solid muscle.  It wasn't your fault.
CS:   Then why is he dead?

Cut to Geiger telling Mrs. Taubler and her son why the Rabbi died:
[You can almost hear him singing Poisoning Pigeons in the Park :-)]

JG:   He was 76 years old with a calcified arterial sclerotic aorta.  Rate of
      success, especially at his age is marginal at best.  We were all
      hoping to beat the odds.
MT:   But the donor heart, we were told came from an 18 year old.
JG:   True, but even with a young strong donor heart, I could give you a
      medical litany of countless complications that causes death.  It would
      really serve no purpose of consoling your grief.

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