Great Geigerisms 1.5

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                Memorable Mandy Moments/Great Geigerisms
                           Season 1, Episode 5
                          You Gotta Have Heart

Geiger, Angela, and Watters are in Watters' office discussing Angela's
listing the encephalic baby's organs as available:

   PW:  How the hell did it happen?
   AG:  I listed it as a potential donor.  I never said anything about ...
   PW:  You posted the heart and lungs as immediately available.
   AG:  I never did.
   JG:  You listed it as "baby without head."  What'd you think they'll think?
   AG:  I never said any organ was available.  Read it.
   JG:  Alright, never mind.  It was a mistake.  Let's put it to good use.
   PW:  What?
   JG:  It's perfect tissue match with the priority one Wheeler baby.
        Let's take the heart from the headless kid and give it to the other
   PW:  We can't do that.
   JG:  Then the Wheeler baby dies.  Flew here from Texas.  Gonna die right
        here in our hospital.
   AG:  Not my fault!

Geiger and Antonovich in the OR with the Wheeler baby:

   JG:  You know Doc, if you're gonna be here awhile, I should warn you.
        I'm prone to sexual harassment.
        I throw out the warning 'cause the Eel says: Assumption of the risk
        could be a defense.
        I could be wrong, but you strike me as an ice maiden, for when she
        thaws, drips lava.
   KA:  Suck here.
   JG:  Absolutely.
   CS:  God Jeffrey, grow up.

Geiger talks to Gloria MacKinnon to try to get her to change her mind
regarding her daughter:

   JG:  Mrs. MacKinnon? ... I'm Dr. Jeffrey Geiger.
   GM:  What's that matter?
   JG:  Nothing.  She's uh ... I suppose you could say stable.   Mrs.
        MacKinnon, I know this is an extremely traumatic situation for you.
        And this is not the most appropriate time to ask this, but has
        anyone from staff talk to you about organ donation?
   GM:  What?
   JG:  Her heart, possible her lungs.  Indications are they're both
        extremely viable organs.
   GM:  What are you talking about?  My daughter's alive and you want to
        rip out her organs.
   JG:  Well, I'm sure you've been told your daughter is not alive.
        Not in the human sense.  Some of her organ systems are alive, but
        she has no cognitive function.  No brain capacity whatsoever, just
        organs.  We can't keep them alive indefinitely.  There's another
   GM:  No!  Please.  Just get away from me.
   JG:  I know I must sound like a monster, but your baby is dead.
   GM:  She's not dead.  You get away.  You get away and you stay away from
        her.  Just get away.
   JG:  OK.

Geiger and Schutt in Geiger's office:

   AS:  You just can't behave that way.  I mean, think of it Jeffrey.  This
        is her child.  You can't ...
   JG:  I know what it's like to have a child.  I ... Don't make me out a
        monster.  It's not always me who's the monster.  Maybe it's her.
        Maybe she's the monster.
   AS:  Who?
   JG:  If she wants to kill the child, fine.  It's her call.  Who the hell
        are we to get involved?  We're doctors.  Why the hell should we
        bother to get involved?
   AS:  Jeffrey, listen to me.  I'm with you on this.  I am.  But if you
        go after Watters with one of your tirades, you'll not accomplish
        anything.  You know that.
   JG:  So?  I should just stay calm?  Debate the conundrum?  Maybe we could
        all go for tea and philosophize.  Have a crumpet.
        Let the baby die, then applaud our intellectual capacity.
   AS:  Hey, you're going off again.  Just talk to Watters.  Don't yell.
        Talk.  He may listen.
   JG:  Think I'm certifiable Aaron?  Sometimes I wonder if you really even
        like me.  Sometimes I think you've been assigned to me to keep me
        sane.  Executive Committee tells you to hold my hand.
   AS:  That's exactly right.
   JG:  I wish I could be like you.  I'm not.  I cut good.  I'm a nut.
        I cut very good.
   AS:  I kissed her.
   JG:  What?
   AS:  Karen Antonovich.  We went out for a bite to eat.  I walked her
        to the on-call room and I kissed her.  It was just a little
        good night kiss, but I think I might ... like her.
   JG:  So?  It's good.
   AS:  Yeah, it's very good.  Except the encephalic child is my patient.
        I've got a brainless baby on death's door, all I can think about
        is the fact that I kissed a women on the lips for two seconds.
        You might be certifiable, but maybe we could use a little more
        of what you've got.
   JG:  You care more about your patients than anybody, Aaron.
        She got a friend?  Somebody I could kiss?
   AS:  Let's go home.  We won't do anybody any good if we don't get
        some sleep.
   JG:  I won't sleep with you.
   AS:  Yes, I suspected not.
   JG:  I'd sleep with Antonovich.
   AS:  Well, I'll let her know that.
        You're not certifiable ... yet.
   JG:  Good night.
   AS:  Good night.

Watters walks into Geiger's office:

   PW:  Did you go to Mrs. MacKinnon yesterday and tell her to kill her
        child?  [Geiger just stares at him.]
        I asked you a question.
   JG:  I heard your question.  You really want to get into this?
        Because I have a little rage of my own.
   PW:  I don't give a damn.  It's not up to you to decide which patient
        is a better candidate for life.
   JG:  Well, the MacKinnon baby isn't living.  It's a corpse with a pulse.
   PW:  It's a life!
   JG:  By what definition?  Legal?  Medical?  And even if it were, don't
        stand there and tell me doctors don't make these decisions.  Who
        lives.  Who dies.  Who gets a transplant.  Who gets resuscitated.
        We pull more plugs here than the plumbers local.  Every single
        day doctors in this hospital are deciding some patients are
        better off dead and they're usually much tougher calls than this
        one.  This baby is dead.
   PW:  She's still alive.
   JG:  Come on!  I repeat, by what definition?  According to medical
        criteria?  What authority are you relying on Phillip or should
        I say "Who"?  Is he in this room?
   PW:  I'm relying on the fact that her heart is still beating and
        her mother wants to keep it that way.
   JG:  Well of coarse she does, she's the mother.  That's her job, to
        cling to hope.
        You're suppose to look at the bigger picture.  There's another
        baby, a baby we can save.
   PW:  It's not our right.  We have no place going to a parent and asking
        her to let her child die so we can use the organs for another.
        How in God's name can you be so blind to that?
   JG:  God's name?  It's funny he should come up.  You're not talking
        to me as a Chief-of-Staff.  You're in my office as a practicing
   PW:  I'm here as your superior.
   JG:  Let me tell you Phillip.  If you want to lay this little equation
        at God's doorstep, I don't accept it.  I don't think the Almighty
        wants a brainless infant to go on existing while an otherwise
        healthy baby is left to die.  If that's God's will, I think the
        master plan needs adjusting.
   PW:  Spoken like a godless man.
   JG:  Spoken like a doctor, which you're supposed to be as well.
   PW:  I feel sorry for you Jeffrey.
   JG:  Feel sorry for the Wheeler child.  He's the one that needs it.
        The MacKinnon baby's gonna die for sure, but the Wheeler boy is
        on your head.
   PW:  Approach Mrs. MacKinnon again and you're suspended.  That's my
        will.  You got it.
   JG:  Got it.

Geiger and Camille standing over the MacKinnon baby:

   JG:  Do you believe in God, Camille?
   CS:  Yes.
   JG:  How could he do that?
        I think I'll stick with science.
   CS:  Einstein believed in God.  He said everything has a purpose,
        whether we're capable of understanding it or not.
   JG:  Well, I'm not capable of understanding, I guess.
        Except the fact that if there is a God, he's not there when you
        need him.
   CS:  Because he wasn't there for your son.
   JG:  I'm not talking about that.
   CS:  Jeffrey, with you, everything's about that ... and that's OK.
   JG:  What's this baby's purpose, Camille?  How does God or Einstein
        explain this one?
   CS:  Maybe it's not for us to know.
   JG:  Sometimes I wonder how I could hate him so much ... God.
        Look at that.  How could there be any wonder?  Look at that ...
        Look at that.  [Camera shows closeup of encephalic baby.]

Geiger talking with Watters near both babies:

   JG:  We're gonna have bleeding problems if we keep him on the el-vad(?)
        much longer.  The anoxia(?) is ruining her heart, it's not going
        to be viable much longer.  [Phillip walks away.]
   PW:  It's not my call.
   JG:  It is your call.  You're Chief-of-Staff.  Step up.  Make a
        [Aaron leads Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler out of the room.]
   PW:  Gloria MacKinnon doesn't want her child to be ...
   JG:  Talk to her.  I tried.  You try.  I'll try ...
   PW:  It's not our place.
   JG:  Yeah, it's our place.  We're doctors, damn it.  That kid is dying.
        What the hell is *our* place?
   PW:  Jeffrey.
   JG:  Did you ever have a baby die on you, Phillip?  A baby you could
        have been there for.  A baby whose death you could have prevented.
        Did you ever have that happen to you?
   PW:  This isn't about your demons.
   JG:  You don't want to know those demons.
        I can't sit back and let this one go.  That baby can live.  I can
        do something for Christopher Wheeler.  So could you.  That's a ...
        that's a thing [pointing to MacKinnon baby].  That's a life
        [pointing to the Wheeler baby].  That's a ... that's a little boy.
        We can't sit back and watch him die.
   PW:  I'll talk to Gloria MacKinnon.

After operation, Schutt walks over to Geiger looking into OR:

   AS:  Nice work.
   JG:  Yeah.
   AS:  You OK?
   JG:  Yeah ... No.
        Camille said ... she said everything I do is really about Joey, my
        son.  She's right, isn't she?
   AS:  I don't know.
   JG:  MacKinnon baby had a purpose.  I'd ask myself so many times, what
        was Joey's purpose ... the babies that only live less than a year.
        Maybe some babies only live long enough to serve that purpose.  I
        think I finally understand Joey's.
   AS:  What was it?
   JG:  To allow me to love him.  And I did Aaron.  I loved him so much.
        Too much for God to take him away from me.
   AS:  I know that.
   JG:  I haven't let him go yet.  I still can't let him go.
   AS:  I know that too.
        [Schutt puts his hand on Geiger's back as they stare into the OR.]

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