Great Geigerisms 1.4

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          Memorable Mandy Moments/Great Geigerisms
                   Season 1, Episode 4
                 With the Greatest of Ease

Geiger and Aaron are in a bar discussing the day's events:

     AS:     Patients come and go.  Two weeks ago I took a tumor out
             of a man.  I saved his life.  Today I didn't even recognize
             him.  People, they're just passing through Jeffrey.
     JG:     Look, you're lonely.  Camille's gone.  You got voids to fill.
             Mitigate.  Emotional healing takes time, but physically
             ... that gap can be filled.  I see a few worth filling
             in this very room.  Watch this.

             Geiger stops a women [Stacey Hallmora] who passes by.

     JG:     Excuse me ma'am.  I won't keep you a minute.  You're lovely,
             by the way. [Introduces Schutt and himself.]
             Aaron Schutt, Jeffrey Geiger.  I'm sure we'll get your name.
             It's not important.  Here's what is.
             We're both busy professionals, particularly me.  I'd love
             to take the time to get to know you.  I'm a firm believer in
             extended courtships.  What ever happened to bundling for
     SH:     Is he a wacko?
     AS:     Very much so.
     JG:     Look, the point is this.  I could take you to dinner, a show,
             a quiet nightcap, learn about your youth, fawn over your
             intellectual acuity.  All these things I'm sure would happen.
             Why?  My interest is appropriation and my time is short.
             Why indulge this charade with a preamble?  Why not just
             physically commune?  Afterwhich I could offer to pay your
             tuition to the Barbizon School.
     SH:     Wait a minute.  You mean, like we have sex and you
             give me a tip.
     JG:     Well, if you want to put it like that, I could charge it on
             my Visa and rack up some frequent flyer mileage.
     SH:     Want to put your hands on the table.
     JG:     I'd love to.
     SH:     Stand up and spread your legs.
     JG:     Right here?
     SH:     Uh huh.
     JG:     Yes ma'am.  [to AS]  You have to be polite.
     SH:     You're under arrest for solicitation.
     JG:     What!?
   As SH reads Geiger his rights:
     JG:     [to AS] What are you laughing at.  Big mistake.
             Call the Eel, will you.  Stop laughing.  Call the Eel.

At the police station, Birch arrives to get Geiger released:

     SH:     I don't care if he's a doctor.
     JG:     You should care, I could help when you sue your plastic
     AB:     Why don't you shut up Jeffrey.  Your big mouth is the reason
             we're here.  So why don't you just keep it closed.  Think
             you could do that?
     JG:     I don't know, let me try.  Oops, seems I can't.

     AS:     Fluke misunderstanding.  He's never even been to this
             nightclub before.
     SH:     It may not fit the pattern, but the guy offered me money
             for sex.
     JG:     As an icebreaker.  I'm shy.
     AS:     Officer, we know this bar.  Male and female patrons go
             there to mix.  Some seeking lifelong commitments, others
             more finite physical encounters.  People meet, people
             mix, people offer things.  Did Dr. Geiger go to far?
             I'm sure he did.  Did he think you were a prostitute?
             Certainly not.  He will testify to that.  Dr. Schutt here,
             an enormously credible neurosurgeon will collaborate and
             you yourself will confirm that the suspect's approach
             fell outside the solicitation pattern.  My question is:
             why bother?  The prosecution will be costly and he's
             not your target.  Why bother?

Later, Schutt and Watters discuss Geiger's arrest:

     PW:     So he wasn't arrested?
     AS:     He was, but the Eel sprung him with the "Why bother"
     PW:     What's going on with Jeffrey.
     AS:     He's having his period.

Geiger and Nadine Winslow are driving in a parking ramp going to lunch.
Geiger tries to console her after being canned by a patient.

     JG:     Don't take it personal.  Patients feel comfortable with
             some doctors, uncomfortable with others.  Happens.  Plus
             would you like putting your hands in some old coot's
             gallbladder?  Much a piece of glob hangs in your fingers
             like this solidified mucus.

A man [Ralph Jones] drives past Geiger and takes the parking spot Geiger
was going to pull into:

     JG:     Hey!
     RJ:     Rack and pinion.  Sorry.
     JG:     What are you doing?  That's my spot.
     RJ:     Thanks then for letting me use it.
     JG:     Come on.  Get out.
     RJ:     What? I'm supposed to give way because you got MD plates.
             Big doctor.  I'm probably keeping you from a golf game.
     JG:     What did you say?
     RJ:     You heard me.
     JG:     Want to see my golf game?  I'll show you my golf game.
             [Goes to his trunk for a golf club (a 5-iron perhaps?)]
     RJ:     Write your congressman.
     JG:     Don't worry about it.  ...
     NW:     Jeffrey.
     JG:     Don't worry sweetie.  I'm gonna give him a little lesson.
             [To RJ]  Want to see a good lesson?  Pay attention
             'cause I'm only gonna do this once.  This is a chip shot
             bub, OK.
             [Smashes RJ's headlight with his golf club]
     RJ:     What!  Are you nuts?
     JG:     Completely, but you're in my spot.  You've got two of them!
             Look at this!  [RJ gets into his car to drive away.]
             Don't move, don't move.  I'm going to make it beautiful.
             It's about a par four.  Car looks like a par four.
             [RJ speeds away.]

     JG:     [He walks up to NW.]  Well.  [Notices expression
             on her face.]  I was just kidding.
     NW:     You're not a well man.
     JG:     You saw what he did.
     NW:     Yes and I saw what you did.
             Take me back to the hospital. I don't feel like eating.
     JG:     I'm sorry.
     NW:     Me too.  Look, I like you.  Last night, you get arrested.
             You say it was just a misunderstanding.  I don't know.
             Now this.
     JG:     I act out a little sometimes and he did take my spot.
             I got some stuff going on.  He just cut right in there.
     NW:     What stuff?
     JG:     It's personal.
     NW:     I don't care.  Look, if you and I are going to be personal,
             what stuff?
     JG:     I'll tell you.  Not now.
     NW:     When?
     JG:     Tomorrow.  I'll tell you tomorrow.  Today, let's just have
             lunch.  Come on.

Birch and Hallmora walk into the room overlooking the OR:

     AB:     They call this OR the Theater.  It has the highest
             state-of-the-art technology in the world.  I can show you
             how a lot of it works.  I've been in here so often I can
             actually do many of the procedures myself.  Of coarse,
             I'm not licensed.
     SH:     I think you should stick to law.  You're good at it.

   Geiger, hiding in the shadows, starts to cough.

     JG:     Sorry.
     AB:     Jeffrey!  You remember Detective Hallmora.
     JG:     [Solutes her.]  Detective.
     AB:     Detective, want to give me a second.  [She leaves.]
             I was just kidding about me doing procedures.
     JG:     Uh huh.
     AB:     OK.  Good seeing you.
     JG:     Alan.  Something you should know.  Thank you for the
             other night.  And like she said, stick to the law.
             Your good at it.

Geiger and Winslow discussing Geiger's "personal stuff":

     JG:     It was adult onset schizophrenia.
     NW:     She drowned your son?  Your wife drowned your child?
     JG:     She's uh ... well, what can I say, she's institutionalized.
             She probably will be for life.
     NW:     My God.
     JG:     So see.  I am married Nadine.  At least technically.
     NW:     Are you ...  How do you stay sane?
     JG:     Did I look sane to you with that golf club?
             Another thing you should know about me.  I don't
             really want to be with anybody.  I mean, I do but ...
             I don't.
     NW:     Come again?
     JG:     Well, I uh ... the kind of women I go to.  Even the
             other night.  The cop in the push-up thing ... I just
             go for thighs and breasts.  I'm probably afraid of
             real intimacy.  I kind of shoot for places I can get to
             and stay away from ones that I can't.
     NW:     Uh huh.  And with me ... breasts or legs?
     JG:     Your different. ... It's your buttocks.
     NW:     [Smiles.]  Why are you telling me this?  Push me away?
     JG:     No ... Yeah.
             This could lead to us sleeping together.  I happen to
             be very good.  I'm amazing ... and you're too young to
             peak so soon.  That would be wrong of me.
     NW:     You know what I think.  You like to say outrageous
             things to keep people on tilt.  Balance is all relative.
     JG:     I don't know what your saying.
     NW:     I'm saying, you don't scare me Dr. Geiger.  I'm not running.
             [She kisses him on the cheek and leaves.]

Later, in Geiger's office:

     NW:     What do you mean we're off?
     JG:     I've lost interest ... short attention span.  What can I say?
             Still think you're a nice lady.  Could you please leave?
     NW:     No.  I'm not walking out til I get the truth.
     JG:     Truth is I could fire you right here.  Have security take
             you out.
     NW:     Then do it.  I've already been fired by a patient this
             week.  I'm not getting canned again without finding out why.
     JG:     I misjudged you that's all.
             I thought you were the kind of person I could go out and
             have fun with and be done.  And now I know different.
     NW:     Different how?
     JG:     You're quite a woman Nadine.  You got more truth out of
             me in two minutes then uh ....  [walks to window].
             This is gonna sound crazy, but the girl of my dreams
             has always been white and Jewish.  You being black ...
             that was my safety net.  I'm ashamed to admit it.  I uh ...
             never thought I'd fall into uh ... Can't lie ... I never
             thought I'd really fall into love with a black woman.
             I'd be able to use all the pragmatic obstacles as a shield.
             Suddenly with you I don't feel safe anymore.
     NW:     So you're telling me that you don't want to see me because
             you're afraid of falling in love.
     JG:     No ... Yes.
     NW:     Now I am on tilt.  You're derailing a train that hasn't
             even left the gate.
     JG:     I do that.
             I'm married.  I can't be in love with somebody else.
             [Whispers] Could you please leave.
     NW:     Wow.  It's tough to both admire and pity a person at the
             same time.  But I see now it can be done.
     JG:     I'm sorry.
     NW:     Me too.

At Schutt's house watching a trapeze act on TV, Geiger and Schutt are

     JG:     We're no different Aaron.  We stare down death every day
             and what do we do?  We climb on back up the high wire.
     AS:     Except we don't go splat.
     JG:     Not much!  [Walking over to the CD player.]
             Oh, Otis Redding.  We're saved.
     AS:     Please don't put Otis Redding on now.
     JG:     Don't worry.  [He puts the CD in the player and Otis starts
             to sing.]
     AS:     Jeffrey please.  This is Camille's favorite album.  This
             was her favorite song.
     JG:     You know how happy songs can make you sad.  Sad songs
             do the opposite.  It's a fact.  It's like a counter-effect.
     AS:     Why are you doing this?  We use to listen to this song
             together all the time.
     JG:     Doesn't matter.
             [sings with Otis]  Try a little tenderness ...
             It's beautiful.  We sing.  Surrender to the misery.
             Suddenly we feel better.  It's a science.
             [Starts to sing again]  Anticipating ...

             We go on because we have to.  We save life Aaron.
             Have a bad day.  You know what?  It's just a day.
             There's another one after that and another and another
             and another.  More of them good than bad.  More good
             than bad.  Heroes Aaron.  We save lives.  More good
             days than bad.  Remember that.  Heroes.

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