Great Geigerisms 1.2

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            Memorable Mandy Moments/Great Geigerisms
                           Episode 1.2
                        Over the Rainbow

After leaving Shutt and Angela, Geiger sees Mr. McTeague in
the hall outside his wife's room.  Geiger walks into Mrs. McTeague's
room where he finds Camille and Dr. Ronning, a resident:

CS:  Three minutes ago her heart just stopped.
JG:  Try to resuscitate?
DR:  I just did a few compressions.
JG:  Why didn't you call a crash team, doctor?  There was no code
     order on this patient.
DR:  I didn't think continued CPR under the circumstances...
JG:  Circumstances are-- I see no endotracheal tube, no cart.  I'm
     looking at a dead woman and a doctor a little too sanguine.
DR:  The lymphoma was everywhere.  She suffered severe bronchial pneumonia.
JG:  Been in remission before.
DR:  She was now anaemic and comatose with agonal breathing.  There
     was nothing to resuscitate here except continued suffering.
JG:  Are you sure about that, doctor?
DR:  Yes sir, I am.  The husband also gave consent.
JG:  [whispers]  OK.  [Turns to meet Mr. McTeague.]
     Mr. McTeague, I'm sorry.
MM:  Thank you.  I'm just glad that she went quiet, you know.  Last
     thing she said... she said, tell them to cure cancer.  As far
     as I go, even if you do, it's too damn late.
JG:  No argument.
CS:  We're going to take her downstairs now.
JG:  All right, just a second.  Mr. McTeague, I'm probably way out of
     line here and if you think so, just tell me.  I can't cure
     cancer, but I'm getting close with coronary disease.
MM:  Excuse me?
JG:  I've been developing an artificial heart which is ready for
     human testing.  It's a fully implantable permanent device, not
     a temporary thing like the Jarvik.  It's permanent, it's
     revolutionary and it will save thousands and thousands of
     lives.  But before I can try it out on living people ... [he
     looks at Mrs. McTeague].  I know how offensive this sounds, but
     the ugly truth is we first have to experiment on dead people.
MM:  What?
JG:  Only for a couple of hours.  Basically I'd like to implant the
     device, see if it can maintain the other organs and... and
     then I'll be done.
MM:  Are you out of your mind?
JG:  Forgive me, I... I think Janice would want this.  She was
     telling me once uh... her regret over not having children.
     I... I don't know, maybe she had this feeling, after it was
     all said and done, her life wouldn't have counted for
     anything.  I'm now thinkin'-- to be able to contribute to
     medical science, to saving life.  That's an extraordinary
     legacy for anybody to leave.
MM:  I just want to bury her.
JG:  I would not be asking you this if the stakes weren't so
     enormously high.  [pause]
MM:  Coupla hours, that's all.
JG:  Thank you.  [He jumps into action barking orders.]  Gimme a
     [ET2 bamboo?] bag and 30,000 units of heparin stat.  Start
     CPR.  I don't want her to coagulate.
DR:  What?
JG:  C'mon, do it!  Take Mr. McTeague, please.  Call Angela.  Tell
     her I want the T-180 set up and prepared for implant.  I'll
     meet her in Research Lab 7.  Take him, go.  C'mon, give me the
     bag.  All right, c'mon bubby, let's get in here.  Let's go
     sweetie [lifts Mrs. McTeague's head].  Up you go.  That a girl.
     [Slides something under her.]  All right, down.  You start
     pumping.  Get that tube over here.  Get me the heparin.  We'll
     bag her all the way down.  C'mon.

In Research Lab 7, Geiger is singing as he is working on Mrs. McTeague:

JG:  [singing] ... I can't blame ya / What ya doin' to me girl /
     Even though my heart breaks...
     Crank the retractor.  I need more room.  [Nadine Winslow
     cranks it.]  Beautiful.  OK, have pathology take a look.  OK, pacer.
     I get you twice this week, Winslow.  To what do I owe the pleasure?
NW:  Luck.
JG:  [Holding the artificial device.]  Check out the casing, huh?
     Power source completely enclosed.  You know, not this on
     point, Winslow, but I've always been uncomfortable using
     public rest rooms.  Anyway, there's this new restaurant on
     Rust Street-- Thompson's.  Supposed to have incredible facilities
     made to practically induce regularity.  I was thinking, it's
     probably the perfect place to conquer my little phobia, except
     you can't use the facilities unless you're a patron.  I got
     another thing about eating alone.  Have dinner with me
     tonight?  You can wear something nice.
NW:  I beg your pardon.
JG:  I'll pick you up here.
NW:  You just asked me out to facilitate a public bowel movement?
JG:  I know.  What I'm detecting in your voice doctor is uh...
     shock, surprise, maybe an outrage.  That's the thing about
     bluntness-- it intimidates the weak and engages the strong.
     If I overestimated you, I sincerely apologize.  Suction.


JG:  Last attachment.  We're almost there.  Let's have it.  OK,
     round the corner, round the bend, look out friend.  [Watters
     enter the lab.]
PW:  Excuse me.  Are you crazy?
JG:  A little.  Thorazine helps.
PW:  You just can't dive into human experimentation.
JG:  Husband gave me his blessing.
PW:  The husband is rounding up attorneys.  Dammit Jeffrey, we have
     policies on this.  The rules aren't there...
JG:  C'mon.  We've got a zillion rules.  We also got 300,000 people
     dying every year 'cause of bad tickers.  I save one, I'll
     sleep OK whether I'm out of bounds or not.
     OK, we're all connected.  Cut.  OK, take her off bypass.
     Clamps off.  No CDs or cellular phones please 'til after she
     takes off.  [Looks at monitor.]  C'mon.  [The device starts to
     pump on its own.]  How 'bout that?  That a girl.  All
     right, let's let it go for about a half hour and see what happens.

Geiger and Shutt look through a window at Mrs. McTeague:

JG:  [Pleased with himself.]  No [atria?], Aaron, total machine.
     Thing ticked like a Timex.
AS:  You shouldn't bypass the Committee, Jeffrey.
     [Walking down hall.]
JG:  Oh please, those fat-ass red herrings.  By the time they vote,
     I lost my subject.  [NW passes them.]
AS:  Hey Nadine.
JG:  Winslow.
NW:  Hey.
JG:  [Turning around to look at NW.]  Plus which, I think I nailed down
     dinner with Winslow over there.  Fifty bucks says she's really a blond.
AS:  Great.  You're goin' out with Winslow now?
JG:  That a problem?
AS:  Yeah, it's a problem.  She's a friend of mine.
JG:  So?
AS:  So?  What am I supposed to tell her when she asks me about
     you?  Do I say you're married?
JG:  Tell her no, I'm not married.
AS:  Jeffrey!  [Camille meets them in the hall.]
JG:  Hey Camille.  You should know, the other day in surgery, I
     mentally undressed you.  You got a little cellulite right here
     [He touches the back of her thigh.]  Oops.  Sorry.  I didn't
     mean to touch you.
CS:  Ripping out people's hearts now, Jeffrey?
JG:  At least I wait 'til they're dead.
     [Shutt is explaining who he wants for surgery when Mr. McTeague
     comes down the hall.]
     Mr. McTeague?
MM:  You took advantage.
JG:  Uh... this area is for staff only.  If you wait outside...
     [MM spits on JG.]
AS:  All right sir, please.  You're not supposed to be here now,
     all right?  Outside.  [AS escorts MM out.]
     [Watters walks up behind Geiger.]
PW:  Executive Committee wants you.  4:30.  Show up, be contrite.
     We'll make this go away.

Shower scene with Geiger (not singing)--trying to wash away his problems.
   (Similar scene to Geri Infante's in Episode 1.20)

In locker room after his shower, Geiger meets Thurmond:

AT:  You know what I think?
JG:  No, but if you concentrate, I'm sure it'll come to ya.
AT:  You got a lot to learn about practicing medicine young fellow.
     Your device may work someday and make you a household name,
     but you've got a lot to learn.
JG:  Dr. Thurmond, I know you still harbor deep resentment over my
     intervention last week which caused one of your patients to go
     on living.
AT:  Mock me once and you'll never mock anybody.  [Shakes his
     finger at him.]
JG:  I'm too tired to fight.  I'm happy to bite, however.  Stick
     that finger any closer to me and you'll lose it.
AT:  [Still shaking his finger.]  You think you got tenure.  You
     haven't got tenure.
JG:  I'll ask you once again-- remove your finger.
       (Same calm as he delivered to Alan in Episode 1.19:
       I'll ask you once again-- get out of my eyeline.)
AT:  I'll remove it if and when I choose you obnoxious little snot.
     [Geiger bites, Thurmond screams!]

At the Executive Committee meeting, Austin Hackett and Watters are present:

AH:  You bit Dr. Thurmond?
JG:  Just a nip. (Just what Watters said on the stand at Geiger's trial)
AH:  Dr. Geiger--
JG:  Excuse me, before you begin, could I just say one thing
     because I think it's important?
AH:  What?
JG:  You got a little booger hanging.
AH:  [Touches his nose; others clear their throats.]
     Like anyone who has witnessed you in surgery doctor, I admire
     your talent.  Unfortunately, you've come to believe somehow
     that you are bigger than this hospital and that is a gross misjudgement.
JG:  Well, I acted in the interests of medical development which,
     I believe, is commensurate with the goals of Chicago Hope.
AH:  I'm hearing a very unapologetic tone. (The tone again! :-))
     Before any artificial device is used in experimentation,
     you are required to appear before the Subject Protection Committee.
JG:  An exception being consent from next of kin.
AH:  A grieving spouse moments after the death has no capacity to
     give real consent and you know that.  The man's wife has just
     died, he was in shock and you used reprehensible duress.
     Beside the despicable lack of sensitivity, it was ethically debase.
JG:  All right, look.  I could argue that mankind was more served
     than insulted by testing my device.  I could perhaps avail
     myself of the Hippocratic Oath, which I also believe would
     favor interest of life versus the dignity of death.  But I
     realize I'm sitting before the Executive Committee, a panel
     that never bothers to factor humanity or ethics or even
     compassion into its decision making.  Instead, it's all about
     regulations, rules, legislation, policy.  It's all that
     matters.  So let's look right to the Procedural Handbook--
     chapter 14, paragraph 5.  [Opens handbook and reads from it.]
     Human experimentation: authorization from the Subject
     Protection Committee need *not* be obtained in the case of the
     deceased subject, whereby next of kin has provided consent.
     You claim his capacity to consent was compromised.  Problem is
     you weren't there, I was.  Bottom line-- you can't get me on
     this one.  Now, as to biting Dr. Thurmond.  There is nothing
     in the handbook which expressly prohibits, and I read it
     twice.  Am I sorry?  Of coarse I am.  Is there a lesson to be
     learned?  Absolutely--  Keep your fingers away from my mouth.
     Don't ever try to feed me.  [Stands up.]  Especially what you
     been feeding me here.  [Slams the door as he leaves.]
PW:  Well, I find in these situations it's best to breathe deeply
     and count to five.

Geiger and Winslow at Thompson's Restaurant.  Geiger returns to the table:

NW:  So, was it everything you dreamed of?
JG:  Fiberglass seats.  My father always use to say-- There's no
     dignity in plastic.  I almost didn't even bother going.
NW:  But you did.
JG:  Well, once I commit... [He sees Camille and Ronning at another
     table; Camille leaves for a few minutes.]
NW:  Is something wrong?
JG:  Will you excuse me a sec?
     [Walks over to talk with Ronning.]
     I'm sorry doctor, but on my way out tonight I saw tomorrow's
     schedule and I uh... noticed you're assisting on Mrs.
     Kershner's [colestiatoma?] at 7:00 a.m.  I don't think
     Mrs. Kershner would be too pleased one of her surgeons was out
     the night before consuming alcoholic beverages.
DR:  What?  You never had a glass of wine the night before a surgery?
JG:  Don't be using me as an analogy.  You and I are very different.
DR:  Whoa, Dr. Geiger.  With all due respect to your seniority, I'm
     on my personal time.
JG:  We have no personal time or a personal life when you're a
     resident at Chicago Hope, doctor.  Hospital owns you.
     Everything you do has to cut in your patient's favor.
     [Camille returns to the table.]
     Camille?  Are you...?  Geez, I'm sorry.
     Is everything OK?
DR:  Everything sucks!  We're just gonna take our check.
JG:  [to waiter]  Could you have us car pooled up?  [to Ronning]
     Do you have a claim check or somethin' for him?  I hope I
     haven't spoiled your evening now.  [walking by Camille]  I
     like your dress.

The next day, Camille rushed to catch Jeffrey:

CS:  Jeffrey!  Jeffrey!  I have taken all the crap I am going to take
     from you.
JG:  Geez, I've got so much more to give.  [Enter the men's locker
     room; Camille follows.]
CS:  Pimping Ronning last night was totally about humiliating me.
JG:  You're right.  Get out.
CS:  I'm not allowed to go to dinner, is that it?  I mean Aaron's
     your best friend, so I'm supposed to stay home every night and
     consume myself with guilt.
JG:  Right again.  Get out!  [Begins to dress for surgery.]
CS:  Listen to me, you arrogant...
JG:  No, you listen.  Your husband goes into people's heads with
     sharp instruments.  His head can't be rocked by a selfish ex-wife
     who thinks nothing of emotionally blindsiding him.
CS:  My life with Aaron is over.
JG:  And what about his patients?  Yeah, that's right.  Suppose it
     gets back to Aaron that you've been lickin' Ronning's tonsils
     over a glass of wine.  You don't think that would stagger him?
     How the hell would you like to be his patient that day?
CS:  You can't expect me to forego a personal life because of my h...
JG:  That's exactly what I expect.
CS:  You know something, Jeffrey?  I know you have been through a
     lot of pain-- your son, your wife.
JG:  It isn't about that.  It's about you jeopardizing Aaron's
     concentration and the welfare of his patient, all for the sake
     of a studly poke.
CS:  [She slaps him hard.]  Stay clear of me.  I don't care how big
     you are.  You stay clear of me.
     [She leaves; Thurmond grins after witnessing what just happened.]
AT:  Does everyone love you?
JG:  In here to take another shower, doctor?  Here.  [Hands him a
     folder.]  That's the reason you're sweatin' so much.
AT:  Excuse me?
JG:  When I bit you yesterday-- it was the saltiest finger I ever
     tasted.  I also noticed separation of your fingernail from the
     nail bed.  You got thyroidtoxicosis.
AT:  What?
JG:  It's also the reason your hands shake.  Good news is it's
     completely treatable.
AT:  That's why I've been so hot.
JG:  And the blinking, lid-lag, you got it.  I uh... prescribed you
     some medication.  Tremors will stop.  You'll be able to
     operate again.  Kill people the old fashion way-- with negligence.
AT:  How could I have missed it?
JG:  Because, symptoms are similar to old age.  You, like every
     other doctor, automatically assumes old age.  Senior citizens
     are the most misdiagnosed of all patients.  Just another form of
     age discrimination.  Think about that next time you soak your teeth.

Geiger and Watters walking down the hall:

PW:  All you have to do is apologize.
JG:  I won't.
PW:  Why not dammit?
JG:  'Cause, it would be a lie.
PW:  Jeffrey!
JG:  Look, even if I were guilty of duress with Mr. McTeague, I still
     maintain the artificial heart is worth it.  It will save human life.
PW:  Human life could also be served by your continued practice in
     this hospital.
JG:  What?
PW:  If you don't apologize, you could be terminated.  That's how
     angry they are.
JG:  They wouldn't dare throw me out.
PW:  They will throw you out.
JG:  But not if you don't allow it.  Just tell them-- I'm gone,
     you're gone.  They'd never risk losing you.
PW:  Can't tell them that.
JG:  And why not?
PW:  Because, it would be a lie.   [pause]
JG:  That's where you stand.  I stand where I stand.  I wasn't
     wrong.  I will not apologize.  [He walks away.]

Geiger and Shutt are hitting golf balls in Wrigley Field:

AS:  You know, it's like you're trying to self destruct.  Anybody
     crosses your path, you're at war with them.  What's going on?
JG:  Nothing.  Hit the ball.
AS:  And what's with Winslow?  You know that's gonna dead-end too.
     I don't know why you got involved with...
JG:  I don't know that.  What makes you such an expert on my
     personal life?
AS:  I know you.
Jerr: [From the stands.]   Five more minutes.  I gotta kill the lights.
JG:  OK Jerr.
     Ever stop to think Winslow could be the one.
AS:  Oh come on.  You know you're not gonna let yourself fall in
     love with her.   She's gonna be just like all the others in
     the end.  You are married.
JG:  It's a legal document.  I'm not with her.  I could file for
     divorce, make it final.
AS:  Yeah, but you're not going to.  You never will.  [Hurt, JG
     hangs his head.]  Jeffrey, are you all right?
JG:  I don't know.  Sometimes I feel like everything's collapsin'
     in around me, like the walls.  I don't know.
     You OK?
AS:  I miss her.
JG:  Aaron?  Are you OK?
AS:  I have a monster surgery tomorrow, so I have to be all right.
     So I am.  Hey, we get to hit golf balls in Wrigley Field.
     It's not a lot of people who get to do that.  [JG smiles.]  We
     got it made.  Our lives are fun.  It's just fun.
JG:  Yeah.  You're right.  [They resume their hitting.]

Geiger and Winslow are walking toward Geiger's office:

NW:  I discovered a little Italian place with unisex bathrooms.
     100% porcelain.
JG:  Cute.   [Sees Mr. McTeague in the waiting room.]
NW:  I'll call you later.
JG:  Yeah.  [MM walks up to JG.]  I prefer you not to spit.
MM:  Let me tell you something, doctor.  My wife counted.  I don't
     care if she didn't have kids.  She loved me every single day.
     She filled me with love every...  She didn't have to test your
     contraption to count for something.  She meant everything.
     [He walks out, leaving Geiger thoughtful and ashamed.]

The Executive Committee is waiting for Geiger:

AH:  The son of a bitch never even showed up.  That's a statement
     right there of his total arrogance.
PW:  Maybe there was an emergency.
AH:  Yes, an urgent call from his bookie.
PW:  C'mon now, Austin.  [Geiger enters.]
AH:  Ahh!  Thank you, Dr. Geiger for blessing us with an appearance.
JG:  I find you very unpleasant.
AH:  Sit down please.
JG:  No, I don't think so.  I'm not gonna stay long.  I just came
     to say one thing to this illustrious committee.
AH:  And what's that?
JG:  [hesitates]  I apologize.  Not for bypassing the committee,
     but because I devalued a human life.  I um... got a little too
     caught up in being a pioneer and I forgot the true essence of
     um... [pauses].  Mrs... Mrs. McTeague deserved a lot more
     respect than I gave her and so did her husband.  I am deeply
     sorry to them.  To the extent that my insensitivity blemished
     this hospital, I apologize to all of you as well.  I was wrong.
AH:  I appreciate that, doctor.  I think that it's best for the
     committee to meet privately right now to take into consideration...
AT:  I don't think that's necessary, Austin.  His remorse is
     genuine.  So is his talent.  He admits he made a mistake.
     Let's not make a bigger one with disproportionate retribution.
     Don't you all agree?  [PW nods.]  Good, now we all have busy
     schedules.  [He stands up and leaves.]

Camille is watching Shutt in surgery when Geiger walks up:

JG:  How's it going?
CS:  Rough.  [She explains the problems Shutt is having.]
JG:  Look, I uh... I'm sorry.  I said that twice today.  Set a
     personal record.  (Actually he said it a lot more than twice)
     Just with Aaron, some... sometimes I care about
     him so much I... I lose my way.  [He walks away.]
CS:  Jeffrey.  I'm grateful he's got you.

Driving in the rain scene-- wipers going; Geiger ponders the day's events:

Geiger walking with doctor at Huron:

Dr.: She's had a pretty bad week actually.  We had to put the
     jacket back on.  Yesterday, she bit someone.
JG:  So did I.  Where is she?
Dr.: Rec Room.  We've calmed her in there.  She knows it's
     Thursday, so she's expecting you.
JG:  I'll go in alone, all right?
Dr.: All right.
JG:  [to attendant]  Hey Charles.  [Charles leaves.]
     [JG looks at Laurie and tries to smile.]  Hey honey.
LG:  Hi.  [He smiles and walks over to her.]
     Look what they make me wear.
JG:  Well, they say you've been actin' up a little.
     [He takes off his jacket, sits down and kisses her.]
LG:  Can you still love me?
JG:  Well, let me look at you.
     Yeah, I guess so.
LG:  You joker.
JG:  How're you feelin'?
LG:  I'm sorry I drowned Joey.
JG:  Honey.
LG:  I'm sorry I drowned Joey.  I didn't know, honest.
JG:  I know you didn't know, honey.  It was six years ago.  You
     don't have to say you're sorry every time I come to visit you.
LG:  Don't yell at me.
JG:  I'm not yelling.
JG:  OK.  I'm sorry.  I had a tough week too.  I'm... I'm sorry.
     [He lets out a deep breath.]  You know how much I love you.  It's OK.
LG:  Do you love me?
JG:  Oh yes I do.  Very much.  [He kisses her and lays his head on
     her shoulder.]
LG:  Could you sing me the song?
JG:  I'm a little tired sweetie.
LG:  Oh, why can't you sing the song?  Sing it for me.  Please.
     [He looks at her.]
JG:  OK.  Sure.  I'll sing.  [He helps her to the piano bench.]
LG:  My favorite song.
JG:  Mine too.
     I dreamed a dream in time gone by / When hope was high /
     And life worth living / I dreamed that love would never die...
     [His voice chokes as he tries to continue; tears come.]
     I dreamed... God would be forgiving / Then I was young and
     unafraid / And dreams... / There was no ransom to be paid /
     No song unsung / No wine...
     [He is unable to continue singing.]

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