Great Geigerisms 1.17

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            Memorable Mandy Moments/Great Geigerisms
                          Episode 1.17
                          Growth Pains

Geiger enters the cardiac unit where Watters is attending to Alicia:

JG:  What happened?
PW:  Went into failure and arrest.  We got a pulse but...
JG:  Oh no.  How long ago?
PW:  Not long.  [Birch rushes in.]
AB:  Alicia!
PW:  Get him out of here.
JG:  Alan, get out.
AB:  Is she...?  [JG nudges him away.]  Let me go...
JG:  We got to do some work.
AB:  I just want to see her.
JG:  You got to let us do our work.  Alan.
AB:  What is happen...?  What happened?
JG:  She arrested.  We got her pulse back, but I need to examine
     her.  You have to wait outside.  OK?
AB:  Don't let her die.
JG:  I will not let her die.  Now, please, outside.  C'mon, get
     out.  C'mon, atta boy.

Later, Geiger and Birch talk in the hall:

AB:  Just tell me.
JG:  I'm trying to tell you.  Want to let me explain it to you or
     do you just want to keep on insulting me?
AB:  .... mumbo jumbo.  Just tell me what's wrong with her.
JG:  The hole in her heart-- Alicia is suffering from congestive
     heart failure.
AB:  [His eyes well up with tears.]  Oh please, no. ...
     Is she gonna live?
JG:  We need to operate to patch the heart so that the blood
     doesn't keep getting backed up in her lungs.
AB:  Please tell me she's gonna be OK.
JG:  Surgery on an infant in heart failure is very risky.  I won't
     lie to you.  But I'm gonna take care of her and that's a
     promise from me to you.  That's a promise.  [Puts his hand on
     AB's shoulder.]
AB:  Can I see her?
JG:  Of coarse you can.  C'mon.  [He leads him to Alicia.]

Geiger and Watters are operating on Alicia:

JG:  [to nurse]  Wipe my glasses.
PW:  I can see it naked.
JG:  It's not the only one.  There's more than the echo showed.
     [Geiger looks up at Birch praying in the observation area.]

Diane Grad walks in where Birch is observing:

DG:  Alan.  Alan.  I don't think it does you any good to be up here watching.
AB:  No, it's uh...  I had no plans.  So...
     He's not singing.
DG:  [confused]  I'm sorry.
AB:  Geiger.  He... he normally sings in the OR and he's not.
DG:  Well, he's good.
AB:  Yeah, he... he is.  He is the best, so not to worry, 'cause
     he's the best.

After the surgery, Geiger speaks to Birch about Alicia's condition:

AB:  What happened?  How is she?  [Geiger leans against the glass
     exhausted.]  Tell me!
JG:  Alan.  There were four holes, not one.
AB:  What!?
JG:  I patched them all, so...
AB:  How can there be four holes?  I mean how?  Why would you not
     have known this?  What is the point of MRIs?
JG:  Well, we didn't do the pre-op cath. because of her weakened
     kidneys, so there was no way of knowing for sure until we
     opened her up.  She's critical.  I'm sure I got her completely repaired.
AB:  So now what?
JG:  We wait.
AB:  We wait... We wait.

Geiger and Geri are in his office.  He is looking through various textbooks:

GI:  Is she going to make it?
JG:  I don't know.  We did everything, but...  Her oxygenation was
     in the crapper.  I don't know.
     How was your day?  Get the steel poll out of the guy's head OK?
GI:  Yeah.  Fixed his face too.  Amputated a coupla toes off an
     octogenarian.  Other than that, it was pretty slow.
JG:  I'm gonna run by the ICU and check on her.  Make sure her
     cardiac output's out...
GI:  [stopping him]  You've been to the ICU three times.  You are
     now going home.  [Helps him put on his jacket.]  What do we
     say?  My name is Jeffrey Geiger.  I devoted a full day to
     saving people and even perhaps the world.  I am now eating
     supper.  And if you're good, I'll take you to see Ben E. King
     on Thursday.  He's in town.
JG:  Ben E. King?  He's not dead?
GI:  Not yet.
JG:  I love Ben E. King.
GI:  I know you do.  [They kiss.  Birch enters, but sees them and retreats.]

Geiger rushes into the ICU and asks Kronk:

JG:  How long has she been bradycardiac.
BK:  Ten minutes.  Pacer won't capture, her lungs are wet.
AB:  Jeffrey!
JG:  Take it easy, Alan.
AB:  I won't take it easy.  She's blue.
JG:  Yes, I can see that.  Now listen to what I'm about to tell
     you, noting that I'm speaking in a calm voice, which means I'm
     calm, which suggests you should be calm.
AB:  Get to it.
JG:  Alicia has third degree heart block.  Her rate has dropped to,
     [to BK] what is it?
BK:  Sixty.
JG:  Sixty, which is an emergency for a baby.  [to the medical
     staff]  Let's go.  [to AB]  What's happening is the swelling
     from the sutures is probably affecting the electrical
     conduction system of the heart.  The pacemaker isn't working
     properly because the pacing wires have become dislodged, which
     means I have to go back in.  [he leaves]

In the second operation on Alicia, there is no music:

JG:  That little sucker's in there.  Wires.  OK, fire.  [Her heart
     begins to beat.]  There she goes.

Geiger tells the good news to Birch:

AB:  What?
JG:  The rate is back up and the heart is pumping fine.  She has a
     small effusion which should resolve.
AB:  Ah huh.  What if it doesn't?
JG:  Well, we're following her closely.  If it needs to be drained,
     we'll reassess.  But for now...
AB:  Yeah, I want this case reassigned to another doctor.
JG:  Why is that, Alan?
AB:  Because you missed the holes, Jeffrey, that's why.  Then maybe
     you didn't get them all patched.  Then maybe your stitching
     caused the swelling that screwed up the electrical conduction.
     And the pacemaker wires you put in came loose.  Jeffrey, you
     are doing terrible work, that's why.
JG:  You want another doctor... get yourself another doctor.  [He walks off.]
AB:  The problem with you is you're happy.  That's the problem with you.
JG:  I beg your pardon?
AB:  Infante.  She's knocked you off your game.
JG:  What'd you just say?
AB:  I'm sorry, that's the way I see it.  Jeffrey Geiger has always
     been angry and you channel that anger into your work and
     that's what makes you brilliant.  You told me one of the
     reasons you sing in the room is to fight the rage.  Well, you
     haven't been singing in the OR, Jeffrey.
JG:  Well, when things are deadly serious I usually don't sing,
     Alan.  That was me concentrating in there.  Concentrating, on
     your daughter.
AB:  I don't think so.  The old Jeffrey Geiger would have fixed
     Alicia simple.
JG:  With all due respect to your emotional predicament, the old
     Jeffrey Geiger is about to emerge and step on your head.
AB:  I want another doctor [Turns and leaves, passes by Geri, who
     has been listening in.]   You're ruining him.
     [Geri walks over to Geiger.]
GI:  His child is in critical condition.  He's upset.  Let him be.
JG:  Geri, don't handle me, OK?
GI:  I'm not trying to do that.
JG:  Yeah, right.

Birch is standing by Alicia in the ICU, as Geiger walks in:

AB:  Here I am.  Daddy's right here.  Can you see me, honey?
JG:  I see you... honey.  [AB smiles.]
AB:  She seems to be doing well.  [JG checks her heartbeat.]
JG:  She's doing quite well.  Not out of the woods.  We gotta watch
     her, but I think she's gonna be fine.  Really.  [Pats AB on
     the back as he starts to leave.]
AB:  Jeffrey.  Thank you.  Um... and I apologize.  I had an
     emotional response and uh... I got scared.
JG:  Alan, you don't have to explain.
AB:  Well, if your happy, I'm glad for that.  I really am.
JG:  I got rounds.  Stay here and love your kid.
AB:  I'll do that.

Kronk and Nyland are operating and Kronk is singing:

DN:  Could you not sing?
BK:  What?  Geiger sings.  Nobody tells Geiger not to sing.
DN:  Yeah, but Geiger can sing, you suck.
     [BK looks to the nurse.]
     You do.

Ben E. King is singing "Stand by Me" as Geiger and Geri are dancing:

GI:  You dance a little rigid.
JG:  That's the way I dance.  I'm a rigid dancer.
GI:  Can I ask a small favor?
JG:  Sure.
GI:  Could I lead?
JG:  Geri.
GI:  What?
JG:  You've been doing all the leading.
GI:  Well, can I ask you a bigger favor?
JG:  What?
GI:  Could *you* lead?
JG:  Oh.  That could be a problem too.  See, this is uh... I don't
     know, this is new for me.  It's not that I haven't dated.  I
     went out on dates when Laurie was uh...  But I um...  This is
     different.  You're different.  Leading with you is different.
GI:  Well, how about neither of us leading?  How about we just hold
     onto each other and see if we can make it to the end of the song?
JG:  That I can do.
GI:  And then if there's another song after this one, great.  One
     song at a time.
JG:  Yeah.  Who knows how many songs there will be?
GI:  This could be the last.
JG:  Or there could be more.  We don't know.
GI:  No, we don't know.  [He smiles and kisses her.]
JG:  Thank you.
GI:  Oh.  [They kiss again and he starts kissing her ear.]
     Stay away from my earring.
JG:  Got it.  [They continue to dance-- "unrigidly"]

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