Great Geigerisms 1.15

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            Memorable Mandy Moments/Great Geigerisms
                          Episode 1.15
                          Life Support

Birch is singing "Itsy-Bitsy Spider" to Alicia when Geiger walks in:

JG:  Alan, I need you, legal stuff.  Bad news to break to a patient.
AB:  Can it wait?  I'm almost finished.
JG:  The spider dies from melanoma 'cause of the sun.  Sing it to
     her later.
     [Walking out]
     We lost the heart to another transplant and our patient is not...

They bump into Watters and Hancock in the hall:

PW:  [introducing the doctors]  Dennis Hancock.  Perhaps you met before?
JG:  No, and it's hardly a thrill.  Your patient is getting my
     patient's donor heart.  That leaves me a little salty.
DH:  [shrugging]  Well, the committee made the decision, not me.
JG:  Yes, I'm about to explain that to my patient, who now is
     likely to die.  Show me that little shoulder shrug again.
     That maybe'll help me to sell it.
DH:  My patient is now your patient, doctor.  You will remember that.
PW:  Dr. Hancock has decided to come on staff here.
JG:  Oh boy!
DH:  So, perhaps you will come by my office.  I'll show you the
     shrug.  [DH leaves.]
PW:  I timed that.  It took 22 seconds for him to hate you.  Must
     be a new record.
JG:  It's not a record.

In Michael Fitzpatrick's room, Geiger tells Michael and his brother
Kevin the bad news:

JG:  Mr. Fitzpatrick, I'm afraid I have some bad news.  The
     selection committee, uh... voted to give the heart to the
     other candidate.  Came down to...
KF:  You said we'd get it.  You said this one would go to Mike.
JG:  Yeah, I know.
KF:  Why'd you even check him in.
JG:  Well, we wanted to be ready in case the selection committee
     ended up going in our favor.
KF:  No!  Two years my brother's been waiting for a heart.  You
     can't just... [his brother tries to interrupt him]  No, no,
     Mike.  You're sick.  How sick does he have to get?  Who is
     this other patient.  What?  Did he make a big donation to the
     hospital?  Is that what's going on here?
AB:  That's not what's going on.  The next heart that becomes
     available, your brother will certainly...
MF:  You said that the last time.  That's the third heart that for
     some reason or another, I lose out on.  I'm dying dammit.
JG:  I don't know what else to tell you.  I argued with the committee.
KF:  Did you tell the committee that he could be dead within the
     month?  Did you tell them that?
JG:  [whispers]  Yes, I did.
     We remain hopeful that another donor heart will become
     available.  [turns to leave]  C'mon Alan.

Geiger and Hancock are ready to perform the heart transplant on
Michael Brodeur when Kevin Fitzpatrick comes in with Birch at
gunpoint.  He demands that the donor heart be given to his brother:

JG:  Kevin... can I call you Kevin?  Fitzpatrick has so many syllables.
KF:  I'll shoot you.  Just for fun.
JG:  I'm sure you would.  Just that I want you to consider
     something.  The police cannot let you prevail on this.  It's
     a matter of policy.  They let you in, people'll be hijacking
     organs all over.  My own grandmother'd be in here with a shot
     gun demanding a new colon.
     [KF shoots some equipment near JG.]

After demanding that his brother be brought down to the OR:

KF:  All right, you people.  Get ready to operate.  Let's go.
JG:  Kevin.  Common sense time.
KF:  Shut up!
JG:  I will shut up, right after I say this.  Even assuming the
     heart is right for your brother.  C'mon... conditions have to
     be perfect for a successful transplant.  We've got a field
     here that's far from sterile.  A potential patient's not
     adequately prepped.  We have no blood supply on hand.  Plus,
     all the doctors' hands are shakin' 'cause of some wacko with
     a gun.  I won't mention names.
     [KF shoots again.]

A while later, Kevin is again on the phone:

KF:  You don't get my brother down here by 2:00, there's no
     meantime for any of these people.
JG:  I really feel compelled to speak again.
KF:  Shut up.  I don't want to hear another word from you.
JG:  Shoot me.  Go ahead, Kevin.  Only problem is, I'm the only one
     in here who can do the transplant.  That gives me confidence.
     I die, no heart for your brother.  That's a reality.  Here's
     another one.  This man here... his name is Michael too.
     Michael Brodeur.  He's got a big hole in his chest.  The
     longer he stays on bypass, the more damage to his blood cells
     and less chance he lives.  You're killing him.
KF:  I don't care.
JG:  That's crap.  You care.  Let's cut a deal right now.  Next
     heart goes to your brother automatic, done.  No committee,
     nothing.  Next tissue match, heart goes right to Mike.  This
     one, we put in Mr. Brodeur.
KF:  Mr. Brodeur can get the next heart.  This one goes to my brother.


KF:  It's taking too damn long.  Where the hell's my brother?  I'm
     losing my patience.
JG:  [as he looks at Mr. Brodeur's monitor]  I'm losing my

And still later:

KF:  What's taking so long.  This shouldn't be taking this long.
JG:  Kevin.  At the risk of seeming self destructive, I found
     something else to say.
DH:  Why don't you just keep it to yourself?  Can you do that for
     all of us?  Just keep your mouth shut.
KF:  Everybody, shut up!  You shut up and you shut up.  This is
     taking way too long.

Geiger is on the phone with Watters:

PW:  Now you listen to me very carefully.
JG:  [whispers]  I've been listening, Phillip and I won't do it.
     I will not facilitate this man's execution.
PW:  Either we take him out or we lose Brodeur.
JG:  Firing squads are against the Hippocratic Oath, ever read that?
KF:  What are you taking about?
JG:  It's medical.
KF:  I don't believe you.  Get back on the speaker phone.
JG:  Right, what we're really doing here is figuring a way to shoot
     you.  Want me to save your brother or not?

After Hancock demands that Michael Fitzpatrick be sent down:

KF:  If my brother's not down here in 30 seconds.
DH:  He's coming.  He's on his way.
JG:  [quietly; to DH]  Then what?  The guy gets wheeled in and
     negotiating time is up.  What the hell do we do then?
DH:  Now you listen.  We're on the street now, and as fine a
     surgeon as I'm sure you are, we are now on my turf and the
     best thing you can do to help is to chew your lip making zero noise.
JG:  [whispers]  Nobody talks to me like that.
DH:  Well, it's time somebody did.
JG:  Day one.  You're sinking fast.
DH:  My submarine.  You do what I tell you.

Michael Fitzpatrick gets wheeled in:

KF:  ... Can you believe this.  I worked for gun control.  I even
     passed out flyers.  And now I got one in my hand and I can
     save your life.  Hey!  Want to stay healthy, buy a gun.
JG:  Can I have that one?
KF:  You think you're funny?  [Grabs JG and points the gun at his head.]
DH:  Kevin!
KF:  Get back!
DH:  Let him the hell go!  He's the one who's doing the procedure.
     Now, let him go...  C'mon, we're wasting time.
JG:  What?
DH:  We're going to do the transplant on Mr. Fitzpatrick.  Dr.
     Geiger are you ready?   [silence]  Are you ready, doctor?
JG:  [not believing what they're about to do]  Ready.


JG:  What the hell are we doing?
DH:  Just keep going.
JG:  Do you know what you're doing?
DH:  I'm sure.  [to KF]  Mr. Fitzpatrick, are you sure this is what
     you want?
KF:  He raised me...  I got to save him.  Just do it.
DH:  [to JG]  Go.
JG:  Scalpel.

Hancock confronts Kevin:

DH:  Make the call...  Make us kill him.
KF:  I love you so much Michael.  Goodbye.  My donor card's in my
     wallet in my back pocket.
DH and JG:
     NO! [as KF shoots himself]

The cops, Watters, and Kronk come rushing in:

JG:  Get Mr. Fitzpatrick in OR 2.  I'll finish Mr. Brodeur.  Let me
     know when you get him on bypass.
Cop: Hold on.
JG:  Hold on... we got 3 dead guys.  Let's move.  C'mon, get out of
PW:  Can you do this?
JG:  [putting on new gloves]  I've got no choice.
PW:  Good luck.

Operating on Brodeur:

JG:  Six hours on bypass.  Let's hope Mr. Brodeur is still viable...
     Hang in there Mr. Brodeur.  We don't want to disappoint your
     wife and kids.

After Brodeur's operation, Geiger puts on new gloves, etc. to
operate on Michael Fitzpatrick:

JG:  Let's go.
DH:  How's Mr. Brodeur?
JG:  Off bypass, doing good...  How does his brother's heart look.
DH:  Good color, easy harvesting.
JG:  [pointing to the heart's artery]  Who butchered this one?
DH:  [smiling]  Great job we did.

After Fitzpatrick's operation, Geiger leans against the wall
exhausted, Hancock standing in the hall:

JG:  [sighs]  Oh my God...  [Stares at DH.]
DH:  What?
JG:  Nothin'
     [Shutt stops by; his day was also intense.]
AS:  How was your day?
JG:  Same ol', same ol'.  You?
AS:  Me too.  Buy you a beer?
JG:  [smiles]  Sure.
AS:  Camille's getting the car.  [Shutt leaves.]
JG:  [turns to leave too; to DH]  C'mon.
DH:  Next time.  I've got a patient to check on.
JG:  Suit yourself.  Dennis... I'd go down in a submarine with you any day.

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