Great Geigerisms 1.13

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            Memorable Mandy Moments/Great Geigerisms
                          Episode 1.13
                        Small Sacrifices

Geiger and Nyland are dressing in the locker room, as Birch tells
them of Godfrey Nabbott's lawsuit:

JG:  Godfrey Nabbott-- why is he suing me?
DN:  You gave him a blood clot.  Why is he suing me?
     DN:  I didn't do anything.  He had asthma.  I gave him a shot
          of epinephrine.
     JG:  I did not give him a blood clot.  I patched him up after
          you gave him a heart attack.
DN:  I didn't give him a heart attack.
AB:  Quiet!
JG:  Is that puke on your collar?
AB:  Quiet.  He's suing everybody, plus the hospital.  He's looking
     to hit a jackpot and I'm quiet capable of dealing with it.
     [JG scratches AB's collar.]  Please don't brush me.
JG:  [Sniffs AB's collar.]  It's vomit.
AB:  Yeah, it's my daughter's vomit.  Just want to get a picture
     first.  I'll keep you all apprised.  [He leaves.]
JG:  Did he say he wanted to take a picture of the puke?  [DN
     laughs, JG looks puzzled.]

In Birch's office, everybody is yelling at Birch:

AB:  Quiet! ... He wants one deposition from you all, all together.
     Then, I think, we can settle this on the cheap.
AS:  I never heard of a group deposition.
JG:  [mouth full of food]  And he's been sued a lot.
AS:  It's not funny.

Geiger bumps into Douglas Wambaugh and Nabbott in the hall:

DW:  Hey!  Ahh, Dr. Geiger, my friend.  It's me, Douglas Wambaugh.
     I'm back.
JG:  Oh yeah, sew me.
DW:  Nothing personal.
     [to GN]  He's the one that gave you the blood clot.
     [to JG]  You should have put on the funny socks for circulation.
JG:  Look, Mr. Nabbott...
GN:  Don't touch me.  Don't even come near me.
DW:  I made it to the Supreme Court.  I had a moment.
JG:  Could you excuse me please?  [He leaves.]
DW:  Of coarse.  [to GN]  My doctor.  We just hit it off.

After Kronk diagnoses correctly the injured hockey player:

JG:  What do you want a Nobel Prize?  Get the bronchoscope.  Let's
     go.  I'm late for a deposition.

At the deposition, Geiger walks in late:

DW:  Whoa, my friend.
JG:  I'm not your friend, sir.  At least not for this proceeding.

DW:  ... This is really more like a question and answer period.  A
     chance for me to learn what happened.  That's all.  This
     really doesn't have to be adversarial.
JG:  Maybe we could all hold hands.
DW:  You're a character!

DW:  [to DN]  After you gave my client a heart attack, then he went
     to my friend here, Dr. Geiger.  [to JG]  You put a little
     computer in him?
JG:  Yes, a defibrillator.
DW:  Wait.  This is a new thing.  I don't know what this is.
JG:  Basically, it's a computerized pacemaker which automatically
     shocks the heart should it ever shut down.
DW:  Very revolutionary.  You like to play with your gadgets, don't
     you, Dr. Geiger?
JG:  I'm not sure what you mean by that?
DW:  Well, I know you're building an artificial heart.  I wish you
     luck with it.  By the way, I'm told that the patent will be
     worth over seven million dollars.  You must be very anxious to
     perfect it.  [Objection from AB] ...  I'm exploring this man's
     zeal to play with his toys.  Didn't you try out a mechanical
     heart on a dead woman?
JG:  That has nothing to do with this case.
DW:  It goes to show you're quick to stick contraptions into
     people.  Maybe you did so with Godfrey.
JG:  Hey!
AB:  Jeffrey!
JG:  No.  I want to answer that.  I implanted a defibrillator in
     that man's chest to save his life ... [leaning over the table]
     to save his life!  Don't be trying to characterize us as experimental
     hacks from General Electric testing out the new microwaves.
DW:  I happen to like GE.  They bring good things to light.

Geiger walks into Birch's office.  Birch is holding Alicia in his arms
(One of my favorite scenes):

JG:  Counselor.  I'm told we've settled.
AB:  $42,000.  A little more than nuisance change, but it's a good
     result.  No admission of liability.
JG:  Good.  Couple of things.
AB:  Shoot.
JG:  The bit about you being neither brave nor talented enough to
     measure up to the doctors here-- I never met anyone with more
     courage.  [Walks over and sits on the edge of the table near
     AB.]  As for your talent-- you keep us afloat every day--
     every - single - day.
AB:  Thank you.  [Tears come to his eyes.]
JG:  Number 2.  With all that you do here-- and my God, these last
     few days have been typical, nothing more.  Can you do this?
     [Gestures to Alicia.]  She has a hole in her heart.  You're a
     single parent... a *working* parent.  Can you really do this?
AB:  It's the easiest thing I've ever done.  This little...  I was
     never alive.  Before her, no.  I was never alive.
JG:  OK.  [Gets up to leave and puts his hand on AB's shoulder.]
     Thank you.

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