Great Geigerisms 1.12

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            Memorable Mandy Moments/Great Geigerisms
                          Episode 1.12
                        Great White Hope

Geiger and Watters are in a neighborhood gym where Watters runs his
boxing clinic:

JG:  All these years I never noticed-- you got bad legs.  Let me
     ask you-- man of your distinction-- shouldn't he be exercising
     more upscale?  At least someplace where they flush the toilets.
PW:  You want to work out or not?
JG:  Do I want to?  No.  Should I?  That's something else.  God's
     honest truth, I'm not athletic.
PW:  Don't make me sorry I brought you.
JG:  My idea of a great morning trip-- bagel with a [schmear and a
     double capper?].  I'm happy like a bird.
PW:  You have to work off some anger, that's all.
JG:  My anger keeps me warm at night.  Who needs punching.
PW:  I love this.  Pushing myself, training kids in the clinic.
     This is one place I can let go.  Don't ruin it for me.
JG:  If you didn't want me to come, you should have said something.
MS:  Dr. Watters!  Dr. Watters!  [They rush into the ring to help
     Lannie Sutton who has collapsed]
JG:  You know this kid?
PW:  He boxes in my clinic.
JG:  You shoulda taught him how to duck.

In Geiger's office, he and Birch are talking about Melissa Connel, a
pregnant teenager whose unborn child has a heart defect.  She's giving her
child up for adoption.  All through this conversation, Geiger is
eating food (a burger and fries).  He doesn't even put the fries
down when he puts on his lab coat--arm goes through sleeve, fries
and all :-)

JG:  [mouth full of food]  Is it your baby?
AB:  No!  Of coarse not!  When the adoptive parents fell out, I
     told her I'd help her find new ones.  She's only 15.  I told
     her I'd help and I completely forgot.
JG:  Well, do it now.
AB:  There could be a problem now.  The baby could be sick.  Isn't
     that why you've been called in?
JG:  Take it easy Alan. ...

JG:  [Walking out of his office; drops off a cassette to Angela.]
     Transcribe these notes first chance you get.  [Throws his food
     wrapper into the garbage can.]  Two points!  [Shutt comes
     walking in.]
AS:  That is one cold day.
JG:  You're wearing the [Italian designer name?].
AS:  Yeah, why?
JG:  Aaron, you're having a tax audit.
AS:  I forgot!
AG:  You look nice.
JG:  Too nice.  You're not helping yourself-- wearing an expensive
     Italian suit.
AS:  I shouldn't have a problem.  I've been thorough.  I've been honest.
JG:  I've been through this.  You think it's cold outside, wait 'til
     you get in your office.

Geiger examines Melissa Connel.  She screams in pain:

JG:  All right, Melissa.  Sorry, honey.  How long you've been like  this?
MC:  Since right after my exam.  Can you stop it?
JG:  All right, Melissa.  Listen to me.  Baby's OK for now.  There
     is a problem.  I'm gonna give you some medication for the
     cramping.  That we can fix.  [He smiles down at her.]

Geiger walks in as Angela is eavesdropping at Shutt's office door:

JG:  I'm shocked!
AG:  I feel so responsible.
JG:  Well you always feel responsible. [remember the death of
     Hackett :-)]
AG:  You and Aaron-- you're my family.  I mean there's nobody else
     in the whole world [tears start to come to her eyes].
JG:  Wait!  I'm out-a-here.
AG:  No, no, no, no!  Wait, wait, wait!  I'll stop.  [She wipes her
     tears from her face.]  Look, not even... not even a sniffle.
JG:  How long we had this deal?--  No crying in front of me.
     [Shutt comes out of his office.]
     See, he's still alive.
AS:  Barely. ...  My accountant?
AG:  He's still tied up in court.
JG:  Well, that's a good sign.

Later, Camille and Geiger meet Shutt outside his office:

AS:  I don't know how much more of this I can take.  It's... it's
     like torture.  I'm ready to confess to war crimes.
JG:  He's just trying to wear you down.  Just hang tough.  Tell him
     some jokes.  What was that joke you told me this afternoon?
     [Shutt leaves]
CS:  He looks awful.
JG:  Few more hours, he doesn't come out, we'll go in after him.

Geiger and Angela are walking down the hall to his office:

JG:  That's where you went-- a 50% sale.
AG:  I had to get things at home.
JG:  I have some letters to send.  I'd like to schedule a few
     surgeries, if you could manage to fit me into your busy
AG:  You need me, remember that.  You and Aaron.  All these years
     you couldn't have gotten by without my help.
JG:  [sarcastically]  Absolutely.
AG:  [Taking things out of her bag, handing them to Camille.]  Camille--
     Black camisole.  Also your alpaca sweater.  Earrings and necklace to match
     and your evening purse.  Also your copy of _Like Water for Chocolate_.
CS:  Thanks.  [She leaves.]
JG:  [re Angela's bag]  You got anything in there for me?
AG:  Yes, this-- [She kisses him long on the lips.]
     Ahh!  I had to do it just once.  Excuse me.
     [She exits, leaving JG speechless.]

Dr. Susan Reichert is examining Melissa.  Birch is nearby.
Geiger comes walking in as Melissa asks:

MC:  [to SR]  Is this baby all right?
JG:  We're gonna make sure this baby's all right.
SR:  [rolling her eyes]  Hello Jeffrey! ...

JG:  [to AB]  I know she's the one having the baby.  You look a
     little green around the gills.  Huh bub? ...

JG:  [handing the printout to SR]  What about it?
SR:  Melissa, you're failing to progress.
JG:  [to MC]  Medical term for "We need to do something."
     [Susan tries to explain what will be done but Geiger is
     hurrying everyone into action]  C'mon.  Let's go... let's
     go... very good.  Thank you.
MC:  Alan will you be there?
JG:  [pushing Alan out]  Yeah, of coarse he will.  We'll get you
     some scrubs.

Geiger goes to Watter's office after learning Lannie Sutton died:

JG:  I heard.  Sorry.
PW:  What can I do.  It isn't the first patient I've lost, won't be
     the last, will it?
JG:  Except this was a kid.  It was preventable... and he wasn't
     just a patient to you.
PW:  You know when the walls exploded, I thought maybe it was just
     my head.  Everything seems to be pushing in, the explosion.
     Could have been my head.
JG:  Yeah.
PW:  I miss Arthur.  The old fart didn't make much sense half the
     time, but I could always count on him.
JG:  When's he coming back?
PW:  Soon I hope.
JG:  Must be cutting grass.
PW:  I never opened his Christmas gift.  Maybe I should do that
     now.  Let him cheer me up, in absentia.  The kid was 15 years
     old and he's dead.  I don't care how much it hurts.  He killed
     him [re Martin Sutton, Lannie's father].
     [Opening the box]  Cigars.  Look at that.  I could always
     count on Arthur...  You know, I feel it's in my job
     description to hold all you people together, but I shouldn't
     have to tell fathers not to give their kids steroids.  I can't
     do everything, Jeffrey.  I can't be expected to hold
     everything together.
JG:  [whispers understandingly]  No.

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