Great Geigerisms 1.1

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            Memorable Mandy Moments/Great Geigerisms
                        Premiere Episode

Geiger talking to Schutt about Camille filing for divorce:

     JG:  She Pearl Harbored your with papers.

In OR trying to save Thurmond's patient:

     AT:  This is my procedure.
     JG:  You'll get full credit doctor, I promise.
          Especially if he dies.

Commenting on patient's heart after saving him [still in OR]:

     JG:  This heart feels broken.  Maybe his wife filed.  So,
          Camille, honey ... what's new?

Out in hall after operation:

     CS:  Take Aaron's side, I expect that, but leave the
          attitude out of the OR.
     JG:  You know me, Mister Neutral.

     PW:  Let me handle Thurmond.
     JG:  First your handling me.

In Philip's office with Birch:

     AB:  It's not uncommon for the aorta to be nicked.
     JG (unwrapping a donut):  He screwed up ... Twinkie?
     AB:  Could I finish?
     JG:  No need to finish.  He thinks that in dictating my
          report I might lapse into the truth and expose the
          hospital to liability.
          What we should be doing right now is addressing the
          doctor's mistake.  How to prevent the mistake, instead
          of how to keep it from coming to the attention of a
          potential litigator who because of the mistake hasn't
          got enough faculty right now to fill out his Blue Cross
          forms ...
          Problem is our ass will stay covered, Arthur Thurmond
          is one of the most renowned surgeons in the country,
          working in maybe the nation's best hospital.  We're
          so thick with credential here malpractice won't even
          be suspected much less proven.  Doesn't change the
          fact this legendary healer is 76 years old, his hands
          shake, just butchered a main artery ...
          (AB walks out the door disgusted)
          And he's gone.

Meeting Antonovich for the first time discussing separating the twins with
both surviving:

     PW:  [as JG comes walking in]  This ones trouble. ...

     JG:  Your hospital turfed because they knew it couldn't be
     KA:  That's why I brought them here, because my hospital was
     JG:  I don't like her.

In OR, Midnight Train to Georgia is playing, Geiger is singing along:

     JG:  You know, all my life I wanted to be a Pip.
     All: Yeah, right.
     JG:  It's a great job.  You get fame and anonymity.  You get
          to stand up there with Gladys every night in the
          spotlight ... dancing ... taking bows ... woo wooing.
          As soon as the show's over, lights go down, you got
          What are your thoughts Camille?
     CS:  I always considered you the complete Pip.
     JG:  Well, thank you dear.
     PW:  [entering OR] Twins are here.
     JG:  Close ... First, I think I lost a cufflink. See if you
          can find it.

Favorite scene:  JG's first look at the twins saying: "God in
          Heaven" with tears in his eyes.  (This I think is the
          very first time we see Geiger with tears)

At rehersal for the operation:

     JG:  As you can see we got a crowd.  Space is a problem.  You
          don't as so much breathe if it's not in the playbook.

Geiger and Antonovich in room above OR:

     KA:  I've never done the operation before where both babies
     JG:  Nobody's dying tomorrow.  Not in that room.
          [such confidence]

In OR, preparing to start:

     JG:  For those of you expecting music or my razor like wit, I
          apologize.  The size of the room makes communication more
          difficult today ...
          and for those of you with God in your lives, please make
          contact now.

After successfully operating on one of the twins:

     JG:  She's gonna make it.  This little piggie's gonna have
          roast beef.

Going over to check on KA and AS:

     JG:  Hey Patty, I know your sister.

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