Dr. Phillip Watters (Hector Elizondo)

Character description:

Dr. Watters was the Head of Surgery before the Chief of Staff died, upon which, Dr. Watters became Acting Chief of Staff. He has a coolness under pressure which is often put to the test each week as a crisis occurs (he was awesome in the scenes between the kidnapped heart family, and the gunshot family). He is Catholic, and sometimes these beliefs shine through in his decisions as Chief of Staff.



22 December, 1936 (New York, NY)


Previous marriages include a neighborhood girl with whom he had a son, Rodd (b. 1956), and whom he separated from in 1957, and a secretary whom he married in 1962, and divorced in 1963.

April 13, 1969 to Carolee Campbell, a printer, photographer, and former actress who won an Emmy in 1977, but who now runs Ninja Press.

Previous Roles


He grew up on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

He won an Obie in 1971 for "Steambath."

He is a member of the American Buddhist Academy.

His interests include: Kendo, Zen Buddhism, chess, backpacking, classical guitar playing, and cooking.

Best Lines:

"I timed that. It took 22 seconds for him to hate you -- it must be a new record." -- Watters
"It's not a record" -- Geiger

"Fine. Blood's on your hands, not mine." -- Watters

"We had to do a bypass, but everything went fine." -- Watters to Thurmond
"Who did it? Not Penis Head!" -- Thurmond
"Dr. Penis Head assisted, but Geiger did it" -- Watters (Contributed by Gordon Sypolt)

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