Victor Moves to Laramie

It seemed to be a momentous event in my climbing life. Just as I was moving away from New York (i.e. the Gunks) to of all places Chicago, Victor started yet another stage of his higher education, in Laramie, WY. I wanted to continue climbing as much as possible in the summer, so off I went to Laramie for about three weeks. For various reasons Victor didn't get to climb all that much, but Stan Hammon made another appearance (carting a bunch of Victor's stuff from Dallas, in his pickup truck), and we climbed together a lot.

On this trip I did actually experience a little of what "full-time" climbers must feel like. The proximity of climbing to Laramie, and the number of days we had at our disposal, let me ease into a really nice rhythm. I was pushing on some climbs, but not on others, and mostly just enjoying being out there. It's easy to lose sight of that when one has an agenda, and a limited time to achieve it. I felt I could easily do this for a good number of months, and not miss anything. It was awesome.

We climbed at Wedauwoo, Lumpy Ridge, Snowy Range and Wild Iris. All the places were great, and the variation just made it that much more enjoyable. Some play by play, with a couple of pictures, follows at :