Jun Zhai's Resume

Seeking for software engineer position. Willing to take more responsibilities.

Professional Experience
Apr 1999 - Present, Software Engineer, Sales.com group, Siebel System Inc.

Worked as core engineer on the Sales.com Sales Tool feature, which is an on-line version of Siebel SFA. Porting Sales.com Sales Tool Visual C++ implementation from Siebel 99.0 code base to Siebel 99.5. Major work focused on Siebel Web Engine, user registration and prospector server components.
Technical environment: Windows NT, Visual C++ 5.0/SP3, Siebel 99.0, Siebel 99.5.

Worked as core engineer on sales.com team feature, developed team registration manager, user registration manager, which are server components within Siebel Enterprise server. Team manager and user manager are used to setup and administer user's team account in Sales Tool. Both server components are written in C++. They are integrated with team administration UI pages that written in Vignette templates.
Technical environment: Windows NT, Visual C++ 5.0/SP3, Vignette, Siebel 99.5.

Worked on Sales.com PIMSync feature. Worked on the partnership with PUMA Technology using PUMA sync engine implement synchronization mechanism between Sales.com Sales Tool and ordinary PIM applications like Outlook and Palm. This feature provides a downloadable Sync client written in MFC. This client talks to Siebel object layer using C++ version Object Manager API.
Technical environment: Windows NT, PUMA Sync Engine, Visual C++ 5.0/SP3, Siebel 99.5.

Worked as lead engineer on Sales.com import feature. Developed import feature in Java and JSP with Weblogic server. Enabled users to import their sales data (account, contact, opportunities, etc) into Sales.com Sales Tool. Import feature uses Siebel Data Bean to connect to Siebel Object Manager. Siebel Data Bean is a java version API for Siebel object layer, which is an important layer in Siebel's N-tier architecture. Later porting this feature from Siebel 99.5 to Siebel 6.3.
Technical environment: Windows NT, Solaris, Weblogic 5.10/SP8, J2EE 1.2.2, Siebel mini-om, Siebel Data Bean, Visual Café 4.0 Enterprise Edition, Siebel 99.5/6.3.

Wroked as core engineer porting team registration manager, user registration manager from Siebel 99.5 to Siebel 6.3. Prepared SQL scripts for necessary database upgrade.
Technical environment: Windows 2000, Visual C++ 6.0/SP3, Siebel 6.3.

Worked on the performance evaluation and tuning for Sales.com team, sync and import features. Using 3rd party utilities gather the performance data. Designed and developed necessary performance enhancements.
Technical environment: Windows NT, Saloris, MS Homer, Mercury Interactive Load Runner, Siebel 99.5.

Worked on the email campaign package. Evaluated email campaign services from different 3rd party providers. Worked as support engineer in the partnership with Responsys Inc.
Technical environment: Various online email campaign solutions.

Worked as lead engineer on the integration between the Sales.com and Webex on-line meeting center. The major task is to solve the single sign-on issue between different web sites. Worked as support engineer in the partnership with WebEx Inc.
Technical environment: Windows NT, Vignette 4.0, Webex.

Worked on various other features.

Apr 1999 - Sept 1999, Software Engineer, Siebel Web Engine group, Siebel System Inc.

Worked on Siebel Web Engine project that enables the interaction between Siebel Enterprise server and browser. Writing server side C++ code to process the special Siebel tags in Siebel Web Engine templates, convert browser requests into Siebel Object Manager requests. Siebel Web Engine now is the core component for latest Siebel 2000 and upcoming Siebel 7.0.
Technical environment: Windows NT, Visual C++ 5.0/SP3, Siebel 99.5.

Sept 1998 - Apr 1999, Research Assistant, Theory Group, CS Department, Stanford University.

Worked in Pleiades project. Designed and implemented a java proxy to detect hostile java applets. This proxy is a client side application with AWT UI that allow end user to monitor outbound requests and inbound responses. It loads a special Java byte code processor to filter the downloaded java classes and report potential hostile behaviors.
Technical environment: Solaris, Java 1.0.

Jun 1998 - Sept 1998, Software Engineer, Ascentrix Inc.

Summer intern. Developed Online Store in CGI. Developed an online NCSA web server log analysis utility package for ISP customers. Developed ISP service provider internal maintenance tools like machine load monitors, etc.
Technical environment: Saloris, Unix C/C++, Perl, Shell.

Aug 1997 - Dec 1997, Teaching Assistant, CS Department, University of South Carolina.

Worked as laboratory instructor for the course "Computer Organization and Design".

Jan 1998 - Sept 1999   Master of Science, Computer Science Department, Stanford University.
Aug 1997 - Dec 1997   Master program, Computer Science Department, University of South Carolina.
Aug 1991 - July 1995   Bechalor of Science, Department of Computer Science, NanKai University.

Additional Trainings
Siebel Enterprise Applications, Siebel Tools:   Siebel Systems Inc., Apr 1999.
Weblogic Application Server:   BEA Systems Inc., Dec 2000.

Technical Skills
Hardware:   PC x86, Sun Workstations.
Operating Systems:   Windows NT, Solaris, Ultrix.
Languages:   C/C++, Java, Visual C++ 5.0/6.0, Perl, Tcl/Tk, Shell.
Databases:   Oracle 7/8, DB2, MySql.
Networking:   TCP/IP, ODBC, JDBC.
Tools/Utilities/Packages:   XML, Servlet, JSP, EJB, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, CGI, SQL, UML.
Application Servers:   Weblogic 5.10, Vignette 4.0/5.0.
Others:   CRM Enterprise Applications, Siebel Enterprise Applications, Online Email Campaign Solutions, WebEx.

Available upon request

2723 South Norfolk Street
Apt 113
San Mateo, CA 94403

650-483-4978 (Cell)
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