yduJ's polar bear tour bibliography

Tundra Buggy Tours
P.O. Box 662, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada R0B 0E0
(204) 675-2121 (July-November); (800) 544-5049/(813) 823-4026 (December-June)

Great White Bear (tundra buggies)
Box 91, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada R0B 0E0
(204) 675-2781/(800) 765-8344

Hudson Bay Helicopters
Box 337, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada R0B 0E0
(204) 675-2576

Helicopter Tours of Churchill
Taiga Air Services Ltd.
Same number etc. as Great White Bear! Interesting.

Motels in Churchill:
Bear Country Inn
(204) 675-8299

Polar Motel
(204) 675-8878

Seaport Hotel
(204) 675-8807

Northern Nights Hotel
(204) 675-2403

Motels I have no phone number for: Bear Country Inn, Churchill Motel, Tundra Inn.

Hotel in Winnipeg (only given here because I thought it was great -- Winnipeg is a big city with lots of tourism information available online and elsewhere. Plus, there's no reason to stay overnight in Winnipeg -- the flight times are not that long.)
Hotel Fort Garry
222 Broadway
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 0R3
(204) 942-8251/(800) 665-8088

Note that we did not participate in programs offered by all of the providers above. We stayed at the Seaport Hotel, and our tundra buggies were provided by Great White Bear. I forget who did our helicopter. But I don't really recommend it anyway.

Presumably you can make tundra buggy and hotel reservations in advance, and then just eat at the various restaurants once you're there. There's no need to rent a car -- Churchill is only three blocks wide -- and I don't know if there's any rental agency anyway. The bus to the tundra buggy will pick you up at some souvenir store. The airport is the only trouble, and there is some taxi service (which I don't have information about, but presumably the airport would.) There are ordinary commercial flights to Churchill, although not on major carriers. However, we were able to ask travelocity about tickets when we were thinking of doing the a la carte thing.

If the all-inclusive tour seems like something you would prefer, we ended up with Natural Habitat Adventures, and our friends used TravelWild. We overheard a conversation in a souvenir store by some TravelWild tourists which implied that they had a possibly superior operation in terms of food. We ended up with a restricted menu at all of the restaurants, because we were such a large group, and often it seemed like the strangers at nearby tables had better looking food. The worst of this was when we were offered a choice of pork chops or a ham sandwich at a restaurant which seemed to have vegetarian options, based on what we could see at nearby tables. By this time, I was desperate to not have a non-meat entree. (I'm not a vegetarian, but I play one on TV!) Anyway, what we overheard the TravelWild tourists saying was that they needed to rush back and get their menu choices in before some certain time before lunch. Perhaps by having to order in advance they got to use more of the menu of the restaurant. However, I can't promise that this is true -- it is really a guess. You might ask!