A Model of a Photocopier Paper Path

Vineet Gupta, Vijay Saraswat, Peter Struss


We present a compositional steady-state model of paper transportation in a photocopier that is meant to support different problem solving tasks like simulation and diagnosis, and to be applicable to a variety of configurations. The model avoids making hard-wired implicit assumptions about design principles and possible scenarios, though second-order effects such as the effect of gravity, and non-zero sheet mass are ignored.

The model represents the instantaneous spatially distributed interactions between a sheet of paper and multiple transport elements (e.g., rollers) acting on it. The model can predict essential features of the motion of the sheet of paper, such as buckling and tearing. In most interesting cases, it can predict the instantaneous velocity of the leading edge of the sheet.

The framework provided is quite generic and can be used as a starting point for developing models of other transportation domains.

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