The Hybrid CC interpreter

Hybrid cc has now been implemented as an interpreter in C, over a constraint system which includes algebraic and ordinary differential equations over interval-valued variables.The source code, documentation and example programs can be downloaded here. For an overview of Hybrid cc and its implementation, see the following slides. A paper describing the implementation is the following: Hybrid cc and interval constraints. The interpreter runs on Sun Solaris 2.5, SGI IRIX, Windows NT and 95, and Linux. The binaries for Windows 95 and Sun Solaris 2.5 are distributed with the interpreter.

Download the Hcc interpreter , updated on August 10, 1999.

The interpreter is the joint work of Bjorn Carlson and Vineet Gupta. Contact Vineet Gupta for more information. I am also very interested in knowing your experience with Hybrid cc, and will help with any problems that you may face in running it or writing models in it.

This is an old version of the interpreter. A new version is expected to be available soon, thanks to the efforts of Benoit Hudson.