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Some portions of the SRP distribution are designed to interface with strong cryptographic libraries from third parties. Please ensure that you are in compliance with local import/export and/or usage restrictions before downloading any packages from this site.

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NOTE: Version 1.7.5 fixes the "FTPd glob() vulnerability". Please upgrade if you are running an older version of ftpd.

NOTE: Version 1.7.4 fixes the "Telnetd AYT vulnerability". Please upgrade if you are running an older version of telnetd.

NOTE: Version 1.7.1 no longer bundles strong encryption code with the SRP distribution, but instead links against crypto libraries like OpenSSL to enable strong encryption.

NOTE: Version 1.7.0 is a major new release with a large number of fixes and new features. Read the 1.7.0 release notes for more information.

NOTE: Version 1.6.0 added parameter checking to the SRP client library for full conformance to RFC 2945. Clients are strongly urged to upgrade to this new release.

NOTE: Beginning with release 1.5.2, the SRP distribution can be linked against the OpenSSL libraries for large number math and crypto support. The following package is recommended for this option:

NOTE: Beginning with release 1.4, the large number math library has been unbundled from the main SRP distribution. To build the SRP distribution from scratch, you will need to build one of the following packages if you don't already have one installed on your system.

Binary distributions are also available for those of you unable to build from source. This includes all the PAM modules, as well as the secure Telnet and FTP clients for Windows 95/NT.


The entire SRP distribution is available via FTP; this includes both source and binary distributions.

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