The Funny Page

Here's a compendium of humor spanning the Net. I've gotten these files from all sorts of places, like newsgroups, mailing lists, and friends. Some of these may be a bit much for the faint of heart, so if you're easily offended, turn back now. You've been warned! Otherwise, have a laugh and let me know what you think!

Anguished English
This is a 'Net classic. These are foreign-language signs that were translated into English by people who obviously weren't native English speakers. Things do tend to get lost in translation, but never this badly!
Clueless Users
Ever had trouble telling the difference between RAM and ROM? Then you'll sympathize with these stories. A must-read for anyone whether or not you're into computers.
Mouse Balls
Some of the funniest things start out perfectly seriously. Take this memo that was issued by IBM...please!
The World According to Student Bloopers
Kids say the darndest things, don't they? The scary part is that some of the bloopers in this instance were made by kids not much younger than you or I.
The Laws of Cartoon Physics
A guide to the laws of physics that operate in the cartoon world.
The Twelve Presents of Christmas
A Christmas classic. Wouldn't you love it if someone actually sent you the twelve gifts featured in the famous song? Read this, and you might change your mind!
The Twelve Bugs of Christmas
An adaptation of the well-known Christmas carol, this version sounds like what might go on at a software house over the holidays.

Haven't had enough? Here are some more humor resources to keep you laughing:

This page is still in its infancy. I've only managed to put up about 5% of the material I have, so if you like what you see here and want more, bug me about it and I might get around to it. If you have some funny stuff of your own that you would like to contribute, just let me know and I'll even give you credit for your submission! How's that for a deal?
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