Hobbies & Interests & Links

Here's a brief web-based rundown of things I find fun. I also have a section devoted entirely to links relating to my various hobbies and interests.
What would you expect from a computer science major? My current machine is a Texas Instruments TravelMate 4000M laptop computer running Linux.
If I hadn't discovered the wonderful world of computing, I might have become a mathematician instead. I participated in the AHSME, AIME, and USAMO in high school, and took the Putnam while at MIT.
Home Theater and Laserdiscs
My laserdisc collection is growing, slowly but surely. All donations accepted!
Numismatics (i.e. coin collecting)
I drove to Stanford from New Jersey, and I'm working on a web page that documents the entire journey from beginning to end with photos and links. Check it out!
Sports - particularly Table Tennis and Volleyball
Television - when I have time, that is. :-)
I don't just watch anything that's on, though. What I prefer:
Music - especially the Top 40!
Who says all college students are into alternative, reggae, grunge, or whatever else is currently "hip?" I'm showing my rebellious side by listening to CHR and AC. So sue me! Better yet, check out some links to my favorite artists!
*Madonna *Gloria Estefan *Mariah Carey

Links, lots of 'em!

Here are some related links for you to follow, just in case you happen to be lucky enough to share my interests. Even if you aren't, follow one of them anyway; you might actually like it!

-Computing Resources

Sure, most web sites are inherently computer-related just by being on the Internet, but these sites are where this CS major turns to for tools, toys, and more!
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