Thai Tran

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I'm currently Product Manager for Facebook Photos.


Lightbox (2010-2012)
Most recently, I was co-founder and CEO of a mobile startup in London called Lightbox:

Lightbox team acquired by Facebook -- May 2012:

Lightbox 2.0 -- December 2011: Lightbox 1.0 -- June 2011: Lightbox funding & private beta -- March 2011:

YouTube (2007-2010)
From October, 2007 to May, 2010 I was a Product Manager for YouTube. I helped turn YouTube into a business by establishing partnerships with the media industry and by building scalable video-specific monetization programs.

I started at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, CA and then helped build the team in Google's office in Zurich, Switzerland. These are the major initiatives that I was responsible for:
Google Maps (2004-2007)
From Sept 2004 to Sept 2007, I was a Product Manager at Google. I was first responsible for Local Search (now part of Google Univesal Search) and then also became responsible for Google Maps. Lars Rasmussen and Bret Taylor deserve the credit for conceiving Google Maps. I lead the product through its growth phase, transforming it from a US-only Google Labs demo into the world's leading platform for location based services.
Yahoo! (2000-2004)
At Yahoo!, I sucessfully integrated the VivaSmart team and technology into Yahoo! Shopping, and then went on to build a new content management system for Yahoo! Travel and launch the Yahoo! Search Shortcuts. The highlight of this experience was working with Pasha Sadri, who later went on to create Yahoo! Pipes and Polyvore.
VivaSmart (1999-2000)
I co-founded VivaSmart, Inc. with Amr Awadallah in 1999. We initially created a comparison shopping website for college students and later syndicated our e-commerce engine to customers such as
Running this company was an emotional roller coaster and we experienced the dot com boom and bust first hand. We raised a few hundred thousand dollars in angel funding and were acquired by Yahoo! in June 2000 for $9M.



Google Maps