St. John's Doom


  • A Doom 2 level of St. John's College, Oxford
  • By Jaime Brandwood and Simon Tong
  • Nine months in development
  • Fully texture mapped from original photographs
  • Map data based on blueprints of the college
  • Hear J.Pachebel's Canon intertwined with sampled birdsong
  • System Requirements

  • Registered version of MSDos Doom 2 by iD software (version 1.9 highly recommended)
  • High-end 486 class processor (Pentium class strongly recommended)
  • 8Mb RAM (16Mb recommended)
  • Installing

  • First download (1.1 Mb)
  • Unzip the files into your doom2 directory
  • Type [install.bat]
  • Enjoy!
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