Baja California/Lower California

Baja California is a unique place in the world. It is surrounded by two bodies of water - the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California. Most of its territory is still undeveloped - it has lots of potential. It is rich in minerals and in some parts agriculture can be abundant. Several natural harbors surround its waters. It has an excellent location to trade with America and Asia. Its natural beauty is hardly comparable with other lands in similar latitudes. Its eastern mountain ranges, offer astonishing views to the nearby pristine sea waters of the Gulf of California. It has several islands surronding its waters, which are rich in fish of all kinds.

From the mountains of the Sierra de San Pedro Martir, to the astonishing beaches of Balandra (near La Paz)... From the peninsula's southernmost point rocks - which nature knew how to put at the right place: Cape San Lucas (Los Cabos) to the mission towns of Loreto and San Ignacio. Fron the beauty of Guadalupe Island to the impressive ruggedness of La Rumorosa. From its wineries in the Valley of Calafia to the power of the La Bufadora's noise to the greatness of the Laguna Ojo de Liebre...Baja California.

The original name of "California" was applied to the peninsula. When the Spaniards discovered the land, they gave the name of California to it. I have always believed it is a beautiful name.

Baja California (or Lower California), not just "Baja." as some people call it. This is an ungrammatical use of an adjective as if it were a noun (e.g., one would not refer to New York as just "New"). More on this here. Also, please do not call the northern state "Baja California Norte," there is NO such state (I have seen this even in formal maps and publications!). The formal names of the states that comprise the Baja California peninsula are: Baja California and Baja California Sur (similar to Virgina and West Virginia - there is no East Virginia).

If you are interested in seeing the historical flag of Baja California, click here.

I love the land I was born in and I am a proud Baja Californian and I always will be. I am a contributor to the Wikipedia Baja California page. I wrote the whole Geography section. It still needs lots of work, though.

Some of the beauty of the Baja California peninsula can be seen in the following link: The priviledge of living in Baja California.

New: Google maps street view includes now Baja California, see for instance: El Mirador

Our Glorious Baja California Flag and Anthem

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